TurnoutNow, LLC.

Corporate Partner: TurnoutNow, LLC.

TurnoutNow stands at the forefront of event technology, pioneering innovative solutions that have redefined the live event experience for over a decade. We've harnessed the power of AI and machine learning to develop cloud solutions that tackle the most pressing challenges in the events industry. Our propriety wearable Beacons capture comprehensive data about every facet of a live event as it is happening. PeerConnect matches attendees, sessions, and exhibitors based on a multitude of factors. Attendees can chat in real-time, network, and set up meetings right from their phones. But it's our adaptive AI and machine learning algorithms that genuinely stand out. With our Prescriptive Recommendation Engine, we can present a highly curated, personalized experience for attendees and, through our Analytics engine, provide detailed insights that add significant value to event organizers, exhibitors, and sponsors. In 2022 we introduced our ground-breaking AI-driven CognitiveSearch offering, the result of years of rigorous development. CognitiveSearch operates on structured and unstructured content and revolutionizes how audio and video files are searched. By analyzing spoken words, our AI recommendation engine not only delivers precise results based on demographic and behavioral data but also suggests relevant, related content. We can also produce transcriptions, voice-overs, and translations in over 100 languages with a 95% accuracy rate. TurnoutNow's dedication to innovation remains unwavering. Our emphasis on AI is a clear reflection of our drive to meet evolving business challenges head-on. Our mission remains clear: to provide business solutions that maximize ROI for our customers while providing exceptional user experiences.