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Since 1847, Penn Mutual has been a leader and innovator of life insurance in America. The company is passionately committed to helping people live life with confidence by providing strategic financial advice and solutions to individuals, families, and businesses. Founded in Philadelphia, PA, Penn Mutual is an award-winning organization differentiating itself through a values-driven and relationship-based culture supported by ever increasing data and technology driven capabilities.

Penn Mutual joined the College of Computing & Informatics Corporate Partners Program to expand and deepen the relationship they have established with Drexel University. For over three years, Penn Mutual has been part of Drexel’s cooperative education program, giving CCI students the opportunity to work within software development teams, working on production software across several development disciplines specializing in data science, analytics, web development, and system administration automation. Students who hold a co-op position with Penn Mutual can expect to find a team-based culture that nurtures thought leadership and promotes learning and mentoring. They offer career tracks for technology professionals through both architecture and management progressions. Associates at Penn Mutual are organized into Agile development teams, including co-op students and newly hired graduates, with a focus that includes mentoring, code and design reviews, and a team-based approach to software development.

Though it existed long before the era of computers, Penn Mutual has always been a data-driven organization and now requires leading-edge technologies to lead their industry with specializations in distributed NoSQL databases, Web Service API’s, big data analytics, machine learning and data science, cyber security and other high-demand disciplines. The company is powered by people with a fundamental understanding of computing systems, algorithms, and programming languages coupled with problem-solving and creative thinking skills. Their industry faces increasing and critical need in three major areas: data science and machine learning, digital experience, and cloud native application design. Looking toward the future, they are well positioned to deliver on many challenges including cybersecurity, ensuring a high quality digital delivery experience, and increasing the number of insured people and families across the country. CCI students and graduates can bring in new perspectives and ideas to envision and build future solutions to these challenges.

As a company, Penn Mutual believes deeply in culture and the company’s core values of integrity, respect and the power of the human relationship. Joining CPP offers Penn Mutual a opportunity to advance their engagement with Drexel, to gain a deeper understanding of student perspectives, and to tell their story of technology innovation within the insurance industry. They also view the program as a strategic way to participate in the greater Philadelphia tech community.

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