A student wearing a backpack and hat is pictured from behind, talking to a man in a dress shirt and tie who is standing behind a table at a career fair. The tablecloth has the logo for Tamman Inc. printed on it. The man and student are in a conversation.  

Tamman is at the forefront of inclusive design and development. The company, founded in 2007 by Drexel alumnus Michael Mangos (Information Systems, ’02), views their partnership with the College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) as a way to share their passion for an open and collaborative design process with the next generation of technology talent. The company believes deeply in Drexel’s model of co-operative learning and its potential to transform students, as well as the businesses who hire them.

“We pride ourselves on using an open and collaborative process to solve technology problems in measurable ways. We are quality obsessed - quality for clients, quality for end-users and quality for the people who make up Tamman’s team. Have you truly mastered something in your life? Do you wish to better yourself and the people around you through retrospection, discussion, and action? If so, let’s talk,” said Mangos.

When evaluating a potential hire, Tamman considers a proactive approach to work and a hunger for learning to be equally important and necessary for success as hard skills like coding and programming. According to Tamman leadership, the way for Drexel students to really stand out from the crowd of prospective employees is to take the initiative to learn and challenge themselves to grow. Tamman seeks out employees who take initiative to be taught and challenge themselves, rather than approaching education passively.

Tamman responds to the ever-shifting technological landscape by challenging its staff to seek new knowledge that they can bring back to the community. The company provides an open culture for sharing information. Their office environment is designed to accommodate their team members’ unique work styles and ways of accessing information. Tamman’s success is due to a critical balance between team, partner clients, and the company. Tamman also offers its employees with professional development opportunities both inside and outside the workplace, whether that means sending employees on trips to keep up with emerging technology trends or bringing in subject matter experts to speak to their team and provide ongoing educational experiences.

What really sets Tamman apart from other design and web application companies? It’s their people. The team at Tamman is relentless in their pursuit of building an inclusive web. Learn more about the company by visiting their website.