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Corporate Partner Profile: Dell Boomi 

CCI co-op at Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi has been participating in Drexel University’s cooperative education program for 4 years – long enough for them to know the investment in Drexel students pays off. They have hired over 18 Drexel graduates in their Research & Development department. They joined the College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) Corporate Partners Program earlier this year hoping to increase their early access to CCI’s student base and to increase student awareness of their products.

“As a fast growing technology company, Dell Boomi requires a team that is constantly ready to attack new challenges and innovations head on. Partnering with Drexel University’s co-op program has given us access to top young talent who have the educational background and strong skillsets to support Boomi’s culture of innovation and vision for the future," said CEO Chris McNabb. 

Dell Boomi specializes in cloud-based integration, API management, and master data management. The Boomi cloud-native platform provides revolutionary speed and ease for connecting any combination of on-premise or cloud-based applications for automating business process. Their technologies, which are used by more than 7,000 companies around the world, connect applications, assure data quality and automate workflows. Students who work with Dell Boomi can develop skills for career opportunities in several areas including java developers, quality engineers, operations engineers, sales engineers, and product consultants. 

The culture at Dell Boomi can be described as highly collaborative. They treat software as a team sport where every employee contributes to the end game. Because the leadership at Dell Boomi realizes that learning never stops, they encourage employees to continue their education, whether through formal Master’s degrees, weeklong conferences, or one-day seminars. Employees are also highly encouraged to be involved in the Philadelphia technology community by joining groups like Agile Philly, PACT, Java User Groups, and more. 

When hiring students for their co-op positions, Dell Boomi is not just interested in finding people with strong tech skills – they also understand the importance of soft skills, like communication and problem solving, in today’s world of complex problems. Citing the rapidly expanding world of connected things, Dell Boomi needs people who have vision for the future. They need people who bring their ideas to the forefront and are willing to work with others to mold those ideas into real life solutions. 

Tyler Pingree (BS Computer Engineering '16) held a co-op position with Dell Boomi before he was hired as a Software Developer. Pingree describes how his experience as a co-op led to a full-time opportunity and kickstarted his career: “Contributing to a team and a growing business is something classes in school simply cannot simulate. From the very beginning of my career as an intern at Dell Boomi, I was trusted, supported and taught not just how to deliver work but also about skills outside of a class curriculum, such as how to tackle problems, generate business impact and resolve conflict. On the job experience is the only way to learn how and when to rely on a team instead of just relying on myself like I was used to when studying and taking tests. I have been with the company for three years now and continue to learn new elements of the business that can only come with time and experience.”

The biggest challenge Dell Boomi anticipates as they look to the future is not exactly a tech problem, but rather an insufficient amount of employees to fulfill their need for growth. As the Internet of Things begins to take shape, there is more demand for human capital to meet their clients’ desire for more accessible data connection from anywhere, at any time. Drexel CCI students with the vision and communication skills to satisfy client needs can help Dell Boomi face this challenge.

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