Vanguard’s relationship with Drexel University is extensive. The company has been partners with Steinbright Career Development Center for many years and has leveraged the cooperative education program to connect with talent from colleges across the university. Recognizing CCI’s position as a leader in computing and informatics, Vanguard has expanded its relationship with Drexel by joining the Corporate Partners Program. The company hopes that this partnership will strengthen the relationship between the two institutions, ultimately leading to increased sharing in thought-leadership, innovation, and talent.

Vanguard is uniquely structured as client-owned in order to provide its clients with the best chance for investment success. In order to efficiently serve its clients, most of Vanguard’s interactions take place virtually. One of the company’s most critical talent needs exists within technology to ensure that they have the talent to continue to elevate their client experience.

Co-ops have an opportunity to support Vanguard’s mission of making financial success accessible to all. When hiring co-ops within their Information Technology division, Vanguard looks for students with a healthy blend of technical skills (Java, JavaScript, Angular, Technical Operations, Python, and Linux) and soft skills (written and oral communication, analysis and problem solving, and an ability to work in team environments). 

CCI graduates can make an impact at Vanguard by leveraging their technical skills, innovative mindset, and passion for the industry to make decisions on behalf of their clients. Vanguard offers opportunities to join the organization in a few ways. Most commonly, students may enter the Technology Leadership Program (TLP) where they have the opportunity to combine their passions for technology and leadership. Employees in this program rotate through three of Vanguard’s IT divisions throughout the two-year program. Others may choose to directly join a team in Vanguard’s IT division by applying to the Entry-Level Developer role. Vanguard offers numerous job skill and professional development courses from their award-winning Vanguard University. 

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