Department of Information Science

Top 10
Information Science degree program in the U.S.
(College Factual, 2018)

About the Department

The Department of Information Science at CCI educates the next generation of informatics, computer, data and library scientists to solve complex problems in an increasingly information-driven world. CCI leverages faculty research and teaching expertise in areas such as informatics and data science, library and information science, computer security and human-centered computing to offer core undergraduate and graduate programs in information science. Information science faculty regularly publish in the top journals and conferences in the discipline and work closely with students and industry to develop state-of-the-art research in theory and applications. The Information Science faculty produce groundbreaking research that impacts society at local and global levels in areas such as human-centered computing, informatics & data science and library & information science.


The Department of Information Science offers innovative undergraduate and graduate programs that engage a diverse community of faculty and students in the collaborative exploration of the information fields:

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