Graduate Certificate Programs

Whether you are looking to advance in your current professional role or take your career in an exciting new direction, Drexel University's College of Computing & Informatics has the right post-baccalaureate/graduate certificate for you. We welcome professionals of all backgrounds and career aspirations, whether you seek to reskill, upskill or pursue a new career pathway altogether.

Our comprehensive suite of job-oriented, modular certificates provides industry-driven, skills-based training while also serving as a pathway to master's-level programs for those who lack a strong educational or professional background in a desired field. The modular, skills-set-based certificates that we have designed are another example of CCI putting ingenuity to work.

We call them “modular” because they can either stand alone or fit together with other certificates to create one of our many Master of Science degrees.

The advantages of the modular format are:

  • Each certificate offers you a set of skills and knowledge that are career-enhancing and marketable in their own right.
  • Each skills-based certificate provides an integrated curriculum which meets or exceeds industry standards.
  • If you haven’t decided yet if you want to pursue a full master’s degree, you can complete one certificate, take some time off, and begin the next one – adding extra flexibility to your active life.
  • If do intend to earn a master’s degree, you can build your own degree and tailor it to your goals by selecting from among approved certificates.

Under each certificate description here, in the Fast Facts section, you can see to what master’s degrees that specific certificate can be applied.

Explore our certificate programs below and decide which path is right for you, then contact our Recruitment team to take the next step in advancing your information and technology career.

Drexel CCI Certificate Programs