Academics Overview

Led by a world-class faculty comprised of leading computing and information science experts, the College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) offers bachelor’s degrees in computer science, computing and security technology, data science, information systems and software engineering and master’s degrees in artificial intelligence and machine learning, computer science, data science, digital content management, health informatics, human-computer interaction and user experience (UX), information systems, library and information science, and software engineering. In addition, CCI offers doctoral programs in computer science and information science, as well as several stackable certificate options.

No matter where your passions lie or where you are in your information and technology career journey, CCI has the right program to meet your needs. Explore our offerings and find the program that is right for you.

Top 10
Cybersecurity programs in the U.S. (VentureBeat, 2022)
Top 15
Undergraduate Game Design program (GamePro Media and The Princeton Review, 2020)
ranked Health Librarianship speciality in the U.S. (U.S. News & World Report, 2021)
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STEM Designated Degree Programs

Drexel's College of Computing & Informatics’ STEM designated degree programs provide interdisciplinary technical and mathematical skills and are designated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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Undergraduate Minors

Computer and Technology Undergraduate Majors

Learn how to make the world smarter, faster and safer through computing. Our computing and information technology majors provide you with a creative, collaborative space to hone your skills both inside and outside the classroom. With a diverse range of interdisciplinary programs led by a world class faculty, CCI will provide you with the education, experience and skills necessary to make an impact in whatever field you choose.

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Graduate Programs

Computer, Data & Information Science Graduate Programs

CCI offers a comprehensive suite of master's level programs encompassing today's hottest career fields, including computer science, data science, software engineering, information systems, library and information science, and health informatics. In addition, CCI offers doctoral degrees in computer science and information science, with graduate minors in computer science, data science and health informatics. Whether you are looking to advance in your current role or take your career in an exciting new direction, CCI has the right program for you.

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PhD Programs

Doctoral Programs

CCI offers doctoral degrees in computer science and information science. PhD students make real world impacts while participating in large-scale, interdisciplinary research that spans today's most exciting and sought-after fields and industries.

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Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer Science and Software Engineering, including one of the largest majors at Drexel, the BS in Computer Science. Recognized by employers as some of the best in the region and across the country, our dynamic programs are led by world-class faculty researchers across the majors areas of computer science, integrating foundational computing theory with practical applications. 

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Information Science Department

Department of Information Science

The Department of Information Science at CCI educates the next generation of informatics, computer, data and library scientists to solve complex problems in an increasingly information-driven world. CCI leverages faculty research and teaching expertise in areas such as informatics and data science, library and information science, computer security and human-centered computing to offer core undergraduate and graduate programs in information science. Information science faculty regularly publish in the top journals and conferences in the discipline and work closely with students and industry to develop state-of-the-art research in theory and applications.

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