Computer, Data & Information Science Graduate Programs

At CCI, you’ll experience ingenuity at work – and a fierce intensity to invent the best future through technology.

We experiment, collaborate, try, fail, argue, inspire, dare, learn, listen, succeed, study, play, explore, think, laugh, create, challenge, question, problem-solve, troubleshoot, discover, anticipate, accelerate, and act.

At CCI, where academics meet the real world, ingenuity at work isn’t just a concept, it’s a way of life.

The skills and experience you gain with a best-in-class Drexel CCI master’s degree will ignite your imagination, ingenuity, and passion, driving you to craft your best future.​

You can be sure that the faculty and professional staff at Drexel CCI understand that many motivations lead students to consider a master’s degree, and we are uniquely positioned to help you create a program that meets your individual needs and goals.

Whether you are a career enhancer, a career changer, or a recent undergraduate, Drexel CCI’s master’s degree programs offer you the benefits of:​

  • An interdisciplinary approach with the computer and information sciences in the same college, exponentially expanding the educational opportunities open to you;
  • Freedom to personalize your degree;
    • Customize the curriculum to your educational and career goals with either modular, skills set-based certificates that enable you to earn two marketable credentials before you even complete your degree or a more traditional curriculum;
    • Choose among many and varied electives, including relevant courses in other Drexel colleges and schools;
    • Choose options such as full-time or part-time; in-person or online; and late afternoon and early evening classes to accommodate your demanding schedule.
  • Faculty mentors who are leaders in their fields, industry-aligned and industry-savvy and research active;​
  • Real-world experience through co-op or in-depth collaborative capstones;​
  • An energetic, diverse, talented, goal-oriented and committed community to support and inspire you.

You are probably used to seeing degree requirements laid out course-by-course, just as your undergraduate degree was planned – certain prerequisites, required courses and electives. Drexel’s CCI offers all our master’s degrees in this format for those who are most comfortable with it.

But there’s another format that we have designed – modular, skills-set certificates – another example of CCI putting ingenuity to work. We call them “modular” because they can either stand alone or fit together with other certificates to create one of our many Master of Science degrees.

The advantages of the modular format are:

  • Each certificate offers you a set of skills and knowledge that are career-enhancing and marketable in their own right.
  • Each skills-based certificate provides an integrated curriculum which meets or exceeds industry standards.
  • While pursuing a master’s degree in this format, you can complete one certificate, take some time off, and begin the next one – adding extra flexibility to your active life.
  • You can build your own master’s degree and tailor it to your goals by selecting from among approved certificates.

On each master’s degree page, in the Fast Facts section, you can find which certificates can be applied to that specific degree.

Explore our programs below and decide which path is right for you, then contact us to take the next step in advancing your information and technology career:


MS in Business Information Technology (MSBIT)
Joint program with Drexel's LeBow College of Business


MS in Data Science (MSDS)


MS in Economics and Computer Science (MSECS)
Joint program with Drexel's LeBow College of Business