Our Home: 3675 Market

CCI's Home: 3675 Market Street


You can now explore CCI’s building from wherever you are by checking out our virtual tour.

When you open the tour, there are a few different ways to interact with the space:

  • You can watch the highlight reel to get an overview of the building by clicking the “play” icon in the bottom left corner.
  • If you’d rather explore at your own pace, you can navigate the building by clicking the floor to move around; you can get a 360-degree view of any area by clicking and holding to look around. 
  • Our classrooms and labs are located between the 9th, 10th, and 11th floors of 3675 Market. Should you wish to move to a different floor, you can use the floor selector tool in the bottom left corner. We have also created hotspots in the elevator bay on each floor that you can click to navigate to another floor. 
  • As you move through the space, you will notice brightly colored circles; these hotspots contain videos, photos, and additional information about the space. Check them out to learn about the CCI experience from the perspective of our students and faculty. 

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About 3675 Market

In April 2019, the College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) relocated to 3675 Market. From top to bottom, our space was designed with students in mind. With lots of natural light and many comfortable spaces for collaboration in small and large groups, our space was built to inspire innovation and interaction among students, faculty, and professional staff.

Occupying two-and-one-half floors in the new uCity Square building, CCI's home offers state-of-the-art technology in our classrooms, labs, meeting areas, collaboration spaces and a maker space.

On May 2, 2019, CCI celebrated the move to our new home with a formal ribbon cutting ceremony attended by students, faculty and professional staff, CCI Dean’s Executive Advisory Council members, Drexel alumni, Corporate Partners, and Drexel University Executive Council members. 

Features of 3675 Market include:

  • Student-centric layout to help stimulate innovation and engagement
  • State-of-the-art classrooms and labs
  • Flexible seating to support active learning
  • Open spaces to support engagement, collaboration and group work among students, faculty and professional staff
  • Large shared research labs to encourage faculty-student engagement
  • Numerous shared large and small meeting rooms that support group work while improving space efficiency
  • World-class facilities operated by CIC
  • Café/restaurant on-site
  • Access to the Quorum, a two-story, 15K square foot convening space and conference center
  • Adjacent to future public square
  • Access to Science Center’s nationally renowned business acceleration and technology commercialization programs

Land Acknowledgement

The land on which Drexel University stands and upon which we gather is part of the traditional territory of the Lenape called “Lenapehokink” (pronunciation: Lun-nah-pay-ho-king). It is here that the people called the 'grandfather tribe' and the 'peacemakers' have lived their lives, spoken their language, and held their ceremonies for thousands of years. Indeed, Lenape is translated as “real or original person.” During the colonial and early federal period, many were removed west and north, but some also remain in their homeland. The Lenape were subjected to 250 years of colonization that included cultural suppression and erasure, forced removal from this land and continue to experience systemic discrimination and marginalization.

Acknowledging this history, our privilege to be on this land, and the Lenape tribe's continued presence, is consistent with Drexel University’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We openly recognize the Lenape tribe as the original inhabitants of eastern Pennsylvania, as well as their continuing presence and relationship with their territory. We acknowledge the Lenape people as the indigenous stewards of their homelands as well as the spiritual keepers of the Lenape Sipu, or Delaware River, and Drexel University does hereby commit to actively supporting our Lenape community members in whatever way we are able, helping to maintain the indigenous cultural identity of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and southern New York. We hope that, by recognizing this Indigenous history, it will inspire you to think about your place on this land, engage in efforts to promote a community that values works towards decolonization and strengthening of indigenous communities, here and elsewhere.

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