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Corporate Partner Profile: eMoney Advisor

eMoney CEO Ed O'Brien

Founded in 2000, eMoney Advisor is the leading provider of scalable wealth management solutions for financial professionals, firms and enterprises of all sizes. Rooted in collaborative financial planning, eMoney's solutions enable financial professionals to build stronger client relationships, streamline business operations, and drive revenue and growth.

eMoney has participated in Drexel University's Cooperative Education program since 2010, and is a frequent presence around campus in providing software development talks to students in computing-related majors. eMoney is a popular co-op destination for many students, according to Director of Technology Nicholas DiLisi Jr. (also a graduate of Drexel's BS in Computer Science program), mainly because students enjoy the fun, supportive culture and level of in-depth experience that they gain.

Across its three locations (Radnor, Pennsylvania; Providence, Rhode Island; and San Diego, California), the 600-person company has maintained a culture of community and innovation. Accountability and sharing new ideas are encouraged from the top down. All employee goals and objectives are based on companywide strategic priories to drive business growth and help eMoney maintain its position as a FinTech leader. And when they're not delivering software solutions to high profile customers (including 50,000 financial professionals and 2.1 million end-clients nationwide), they're finding ways to have fun and find balance. During March Madness, basketball games are projected throughout the workday in their central, open stairwell. There's also the option for employees to work remotely on a part- or full-time basis.

"[As a co-op student] you are going to come to eMoney and you are going to design or write software. Whatever your major is, you will actually work in your major," DiLisi said.

During their six months at the company, students are given mentors and the chance to shadow full-time employees. eMoney also commonly keeps its co-op students on part-time when they return back to school and has been known to recruit former co-ops for full-time positions at the company after graduation.

In addition to recruiting software developers with software engineering degree backgrounds or UX design skills, the company is specifically seeking co-op students to join its IT and cybersecurity teams.

There's no doubt, with growth of our technology-driven economy and cybersecurity threats, that the FinTech field is rapidly changing. As software development evolves, eMoney strives evolve along with it, but to do so, it needs to employ developers who can keep up with cutting-edge methods and trends. As a CCI Corporate Partner, eMoney not only hopes to generate brand awareness, but also to help foster the tech-enabled talent of the future.

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Samantha Beweley

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