Doctoral Programs

Drexel University's College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) offers doctoral degrees in computer science and information science. PhD students make real world impacts while participating in large-scale, interdisciplinary research that spans today's most exciting and sought-after fields and industries.

PhD in Computer Science Program

Students enrolled in the PhD in Computer Science program are expected to become an expert in a research area in computer science or its interdisciplinary field with other disciplines. The program is designed for students to ensure core knowledge of the fundamental computer science areas and to conduct bleeding edge research at the forefront of a selected area, such as: artificial intelligence, computer graphics, computer science education, computer vision, human-computer interaction, information assurance and security, networks, scientific computing, and software engineering. The PhD in Computer Science is designed to prepare students for leadership careers in research and education in computer science and interdisciplinary work using computer science.

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PhD in Information Science Program

Students enrolled in the PhD in Information Science program are offered a comprehensive and interdisciplinary study of information science, data science and human-centered computing, while operating at the intersection of people, information and technology. The program prepares students to become creative, interdisciplinary researchers with foundations in information science, data science and human-centered computing, and is designed to support all students in attaining a high level of scholarly achievement in both supervised and independent study and research. There are few fixed program requirements, and the master’s degree is not a prerequisite for the PhD.

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