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DrExcel Health Projects

Drexel engineering students at the School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems found that they could not form an accurate picture of the needs that exist in clinical practice because they had limited familiarity with the clinical patient environment. DrExcel Health provides an opportunity for engineering students to identify projects that would benefit from collaboration between clinical faculty, College of Medicine alumni and senior medical students.

DrExcel Health project labs establish connections throughout the University that bring together students and faculty from multiple disciplines in an independent, extracurricular manner that encourages long-term efforts and commitment to original projects.

DrExcel Health provides a model for encouraging students to pursue their interests and thrive under a supportive environment so that they have the potential to take their projects from conception to startups, venture funding, or late-stage prototyping and beyond.

Labs Program 2022

Team 3: Thigh Walker: Assistive Mobility Device for Pediatric Patients with Lower Limb Injuries
A novel height adjustable, portable and lightweight device that allows children with lower limb injuries to ambulate on their own.
Download poster.

  • Student Team:
    • Med: Mina Ebrahimi, Laura Maule, Ben Boyarko, Kishan Patel, Keerthana Srinivasan, Lauren Wells
    • BME: Madison White, Nicholas Fioravanti, Lillian Cardonne, Kianna Ly
  • Advisors: Pramath Nath, MD; Adrian Shieh, PhD

Team 5: Dynamic Assistive Walking Device for Non-Weight-Bearing Injuries
An affordable assistive walking device that allows for non-weight bearing and controlled mobility in patients with lower limb morbidities.
Download poster.

  • Student Team:
    • Med: Gregory Connors, Romina Garanki, Faith Kean, Tan Tran, Amged Eidelsafy, Ellie Wood
    • BME: Caitlyn Christopher, Sarah Cooney, Rory Klingensmith, Garrett White
  • Advisors: Kelly Heath, MD; Adrian Shieh, PhD

Team 9: Research Device to Measure Suture Force During Syndesmotic Injury Repairs
A research instrument that measures tension in TightRope® implants which can be used to improve understanding of forces applied during these procedures.
Download poster.

  • Student Team:
    • Med: Javier Chavez, Brendan Mackey, Mason Selig, Michele Davis, Prachi Gaddam, Sara Prischak
    • BME: Briana Heintzelman, Milan Ghodasara, Ankit Patel, Dimitri Dogias, Mathew Czaja
  • Advisors: Thomas Sherman, MD; Sorin Siegler, PhD

Team 13: Assistive Walking Device for Parkinson's Patients Experiencing Retropulsion
Enhanced walker to help protect against falls due to retropulsion (tendency to fall backwards) for patients with Parkinson's Disease.
Download poster.

  • Student Team:
    • Med: Talmadge Gaither, Anastasia Kapitonava, Jasmine Lu, Paige Pammer, Margish Ramani, Sameep Vakharia
    • BME: Renaldo Facey, Mohammed Monkasir Saber, Linford Smith, Ragon Wong
  • Advisors: Anh-Thu Vu, MD; Jaime Dougherty, PhD

Team 15: Talonav Tether Screw
Triple screw implant to improve talonavicular joint compression and patient outcomes from talonavicular joint fusion.
Download poster.

  • Student Team:
    • Med: Alexander Becsey, Emma Boyajieff, Ryan Cha, Mei-Le Keck, William Sutton, Julian Takagi-Stewart
    • BME: Joseph Ardin, Heidi Dailey, Christopher Dionne, Bryce Furek, Jessica Niebuhr
  • Advisors: Thomas Sherman, MD; Siram Balasubramanian, PhD

Labs Program 2021

Team 2 - Post-Operative Pain Tracking Software
Easy-to-use application enabling rapid communication about post-operative pain severity, sensation and location to the patient’s physician.
Download poster.

  • Student Team:
    • MED: Robin Kumaratunga, Nicholas Piarulli, James Cross, Soham Bharne, Simone Udeh, Zane Sejdiu
    • BME: Maria Renee Ordonez, Ahsan Sarwar, Keyan Cusick
  • Advisors: Aysha Hasan, MD; Marek Swoboda, PhD

Team 4 - Assistive Walking Device for Parkinson’s
Enhanced walker that can decrease the likelihood of retropulsive falls in patients with Parkinson Disease.
Download poster.

  • Student Team:
    • MED: Karl Kamanousa, Shane Tripp, Samir Jambhekar, Andrew Maza, Willow Pastard, Samantha Nishimura
    • BME: Morgan Jerin, Anusha Kureekattil, Manisha Mathew, Dakshith Ragupathi
  • Advisors: Anh-Thu Vu, MD; Jaimie Dougherty, PhD; Joseph Sarver, PhD

Team 5 - Supplemental Zimmer Total Ankle Replacement (TAR) Cutting Guide
Guide that helps surgeons improve cut trajectory during total ankle replacement and reduces the need for later surgical revision.
Download poster.

  • Student Team:
    • MED: Gregory Connors, Samik Patel, Esther Tsyngauz, Nicole Villa, Justin Camancho, Mayank Patel
    • BME: Mia Obradovic, Sidney Ortiz, Melisa Uraz
  • Advisors: Thomas Sherman, MD; Joseph Sarver, PhD

Team 9 - Achilles Repair Bio-Tape Applicator
Improving function and healing of the Achilles tendon after surgery with a wrappable bio-adhesive.
Download poster.

  • Student Team:
    • MED: Alexander Becsey, Sulabh Singhal, Ghita Benjelloun, Emily Demmert, Javier Chavez, Caroline Quindlen
    • BME: Rachel Bernard, Emily Hoddeson, Emily Shekhtman, Riley Caffrey
  • Advisors: Thomas Sherman, MD; Joseph Sarver, PhD; Jaimie Dougherty, PhD; Ben Freedman, PhD

Team 19 - Pediatric Nasotracheal Intubation Assist Device
Nasal trumpet critical for guiding challenging nasotracheal intubations in pediatric patients.
Download poster.

  • Student Team:
    • MED: Jaret Nishikawa, Kishan Patel, and Michael Moradi, Cenk Atillasoy
    • BME: Casey Fuoco, Sophia Macchia, Hanna Mikkelsen, Dominic Razo-Castaneda, Sarthak Sharma
  • Advisors: Aysha Hasan, MD; Marek Swoboda, PhD

Team 20 - Liver Transplant Viability Probe
Using a probe to assess the viability of the liver to improve transplantation efficiency and outcomes.
Download poster.

  • Student Team:
    • MED: Kishan Ghodasara, Rohan Joshi, Benjamin Chu, Joseph Loftus, Rabia Baig, Carrie Forman
    • BME: Thomas Donnelly, Zachariah Noble, Ashley Ranere, Kyle Smith
  • Advisors: David Reich, MD; Meera Harhay, MD; Kambiz Pourrezaei, PhD

Team 21 - WheezeSense Algorithm - Home Monitoring Device for Pediatric Asthma
Program that detects and monitors episodes of asthma and guides treatment decisions.
Download poster.

  • Student Team:
    • MED: Aura Cristina Agudelo Rivera, Jasmine Lu, Kiertana Kannan, Maria Kazantsev, Serin Varughese
    • BME: Kiana Colbert, Gina Liberto, Abigail Turley
  • Advisors: Pramath Nath, MD; Kenneth Barbee, PhD

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Labs Program 2020

Augmented Achilles Tendon Rupture Repair for Mechanical Stability and Promotion of Healing
Ghita Benjelloun1, Ishaan Bhatt1, Lauren Chung1, Tyler Damasiewicz2, Rohan Joshi1, Amber Klimecke2, Alex Lee1, Jake Lieberstein2, Bailey Parker2, Jamie Vizelman1, Maddy Werts2, Thomas Sherman, MD
Download Poster [PDF]

Active Compression Abdominal Binder for Treating Orthostatic Hypotension
Mohammed Almakrami2, Pierson Davis2, Thomas McGovern2, Krishna Patel2, Lyuba Sas2, Gregory Boyek1, Andrew Maza1, Samantha Nishimura1, Benjamin Rahmani1, Mary-Katharine McMullen1
Download Poster [PDF]

EOG Based Alert System for Aphonic ALS Patients
Awinita Barpujari1, Mayank Patel1, Carrie Forman1, Kwesi Daniel1, Divya Viswanathan1, Joe Ham2, Josh Hanneman2, Arthur Speros2, Molly Walsh2, Tyler Yang2, Jaimie Dougherty, PhD2
Download Poster [PDF]

Arthrex Tightrope Tension Device: a quantitative research tool for determining optimal tension for ankle syndesmosis reduction
Sam Glaisher1, David Marulanda1, Samir Jambhekar1, Akash Bhat1, Joseph Sarver, PhD2, Nico Cormier2, Jacob Csuy2, Jason DePhillips2, Jeremy Otten2, Olivia Schuler2, Thomas Sherman, MD
Download Poster [PDF]

At-home Physical Therapy Device for Hemiplegic Patients
Neha Kamireddi2, Sonam Saxena2, Vanessa Tep2, Erica Wessner2, Johnny Allsop1, Chad Fanti1, Emma Lou1, Natasha Reddy1, Gayathri Vijayakumar1
Download Poster [PDF]

1 College of Medicine, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pa.
2 School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pa.

Labs Program 2019

  • Utilizing Millimeter Waves to Non-Invasively Measure Cranial Temperature in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – Download Poster [PDF]
  • Oculert - Assisting ALS Patients with Locked-in Syndrome – Download Poster [PDF]
  • Viability Assessment Probe for Kidney Transplants – Download Poster [PDF]
  • Push Lever Propulsion Wheelchair – Download Poster [PDF]
  • Measuring Changes in Passive Muscle Stiffness Following Activity – Download Poster [PDF]
  • V. I. S. O. R. - Video Input into Sound for Object Recognition – Download Poster [PDF]
  • Deep Tissue Injury Detection Device

Labs Program 2018

  • Oxygen Tubing Organization
  • Weight Monitoring for Incapacitated Patients
  • Syncope Detection
  • Balance Feedback for Stroke Recovery

Project Timeline

DrExcel Health Project Timeline

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