Informatics & Data Science Research

Informatics & Data Science Research explores very large data sources including selection of data and evaluation of information quality, and application of techniques related to data mining, visual analytics, social-media trend spotting, human-computer interaction, data analysis, and information policy. Our Informatics & Data Science faculty regularly publish in the top journals and conferences in the discipline and work closely with students and industry to develop state-of-the-art research in theory and applications.

Associated Faculty

  • Pragati Awasthi: Machine Learning and applications

  • Yuan An: Conceptual modeling, schema and ontology mapping, information integration, knowledge representation, requirements engineering, healthcare information systems, semantic web

  • David E. Breen: Computer-aided design, biomedical image informatics, geometric modeling and self-organization

  • Chaomei Chen: Information visualization, visual analytics, knowledge domain visualization, network analysis and modeling, scientific discovery, science mapping, scientometrics, citation analysis, human-computer interaction

  • Michael Ekstrand: Recommender systems, information retrieval, algorithmic fairness, social impact of technology, AI ethics

  • Jane Greenberg: Metadata, ontological engineering, data science, knowledge organization, information retrieval

  • Xiaohua Tony Hu: Data mining, text mining, Web searching and mining, information retrieval, bioinformatics and healthcare informatics

  • Weimao Ke: Information retrieval (IR), distributed systems, intelligent filtering/recommendation, information visualization, network science, complex systems, machine learning, text/data mining, multi-agent systems

  • Mat Kelly: Web archives, metadata, digital humanities, archival privacy

  • Xia Lin: Digital libraries, information visualization, knowledge mapping, object-oriented programming, information retrieval, information architecture, information-seeking behaviors in digital environments

  • Danuta A. Nitecki: Library metrics and use in management, library as place, and academic library service models

  • Jung-ran Park: Knowledge organization and representation (cataloging and classification, metadata) computer-mediated communication, cross-cultural communication, multilingual information access, discourse, and pragmatics

  • Alex Poole: Archives and records, digital curation, digital humanities, and diversity, equity, inclusivity (DEI), and social justice.

  • Shadi Rezapour: Computational social science; natural language processing; network analysis; human-centered data science; computational linguistics

  • Michelle L. Rogers: Human-computer interaction, healthcare informatics, human factors engineering, socio-technical systems, health services research, patient safety

  • Bo Song: Data mining, bioinformatics, big data analytics, and knowledge discovery

  • John Seberger: Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Centered Computing, Social Informatics, Privacy

  • Aleksandra Sarcevic: Computer-supported cooperative work, human-computer interaction, healthcare informatics; crisis informatics; social analysis of information & communications technology (ICT)

  • Bhupesh Shetty: Process pattern mining, data mining, operations management, sports analytics, information systems, machine learning and applications

  • Il-Yeol Song: Conceptual modeling, data warehousing, big data technologies and analytics, object-oriented analysis and design with UML, healthcare informatics, smart health

  • Lei Wang: Biomedical data science, machine learning, deep learning, neuroimaging processing & analytics, natural language processing, simulation modeling

  • Erjia Yan: Network science, information analysis and retrieval, scholarly communication methods and applications

  • Christopher C. Yang: Healthcare informatics, social media analytics, knowledge discovery, Web search and mining, recommendation systems, pharmacovigilance, drug repositioning, electronic commerce, intelligence and security informatics