Computer Security & Privacy Research

Computer Security & Privacy Research at Drexel University's College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) focuses on the design and implementation of computing security and privacy processes, software, and systems, with an emphasis on applications for real-world cybersecurity and intelligence. Our Computer Security & Privacy faculty explore the many theoretical and applied issues surrounding this timely and exciting discipline.

Associated Faculty

  • Thomas Heverin: Cybersecurity, ethical hacking, IoT security, industrial control systems security, computer forensics, network forensics and cloud security

  • Jina Huh-Yoo: Health informatics, mobile and wireless health, social computing, human-centered design

  • Jeremy Johnson: Computer algebra, design and analysis of algorithms, programming languages and compilers, automated performance tuning, algorithms for DSP, parallel processing, and high-performance computing

  • Mat Kelly: Web archives, metadata, digital humanities, archival privacy

  • Spiros Mancoridis: Software engineering, software security, code analysis, evolutionary computation

  • Afsaneh Razi: Human-computer interaction, Social Computing, human-centered AI, Privacy, Ethics, Online Safety, language processing

  • John Seberger: Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Centered Computing, Social Informatics, Privacy

  • Naomi Sirkin: Foundations of cryptography

  • Eric Sun: Computer Security and Privacy

  • Michelle Tarbutton: Cybersecurity, Computer Forensics, Memory Forensics, Cyberterrorism

  • Jake Williams: Data science, scientific programming, computational social science, computational linguistics and natural language processing, mathematics, machine learning, algorithms, and scalability.

  • Yue Zhang: IoT Security, Mobile Security, Program Analysis