Programming Systems & Software Engineering Research

Programming Systems & Software Engineering research at Drexel University's College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) focuses on improving the design, construction, and maintenance of software systems, in all aspects ranging from human teamwork factors to architecture to code reliability and interaction with hardware.

Associated Faculty

  • Yuanfang Cai: Formal software design modeling and analysis, software economics, software evolution and modularity

  • Preetha Chatterjee: Software engineering, machine learning and natural language processing applications to software engineering, software data analytics, mining software repositories, empirical software engineering

  • Sean Grimes: Swarm intelligence, biologically inspired AI, multi-agent systems, software system design

  • Colin Gordon: Programming languages and formal methods, type systems and program verification for concurrent programs

  • Gregory W. Hislop: HFOSS education, Computing education research, information technology for teaching and learning, online education, structure and organization of the computing and information disciplines, software evaluation and characterization.

  • Jeremy Johnson: Computer algebra, design and analysis of algorithms, programming languages and compilers, automated performance tuning, algorithms for DSP, parallel processing, and high-performance computing

  • Geoffrey Mainland: High-level programming languages and runtime support for non-general purpose computation

  • Bhupesh Shetty: Process pattern mining, data mining, operations management, sports analytics, information systems, machine learning and applications

  • Il-Yeol Song: Conceptual modeling, data warehousing, big data technologies and analytics, object-oriented analysis and design with UML, healthcare informatics, smart health