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Looking for a graduate education to fit your unique career aspirations and goals? Drexel CCI’s stackable certificate format allows you to tailor your academic journey to your specific interests – and busy schedule. Under this flexible, modular format, students who complete three graduate certificates can apply their certificate credits to earn a full master’s degree. Students without prior technical knowledge may be required to complete pre-requisite certificates for computing-related master’s degrees. Visit our Graduate Programs Tool to explore different certificate combinations.

Software architecture is the primary carrier of system qualities, such as performance, reliability, modifiability and security. Architecture helps ensure that a design approach will yield an acceptable system and holds the key to maintenance and sustainment efforts, ensures critical quality attributes, and holds every phase of a software project together. Housed in our Software Engineering program, Drexel CCI’s new Graduate Certificate in Software Architecture equips software professionals with state-of-the-art practices for designing, analyzing, documenting and implementing software architectures. Offered beginning fall 2021, this certificate program may be stacked with other CCI graduate certificates to customize your education and/or serve as an entry point to the Master of Science in Software Engineering.

Software Architecture Program Requirements

  • Five-course program provides necessary skills and practices for designing, analyzing, documenting, and implementing software architectures
  • Offered online or on-campus
  • Graduates of the program may immediately transfer into the Master of Science in Software Engineering (if completed with predetermined grade requirements)

Software Architecture Certificate Program Coursework

Two required core courses (6 credits):

  • SE 575 Software Design: This course provides fundamental knowledge of software design and management. Topics include software design principles, abstraction and modularization, hierarchical structures and software families, design modeling and analysis, pattern-oriented design, and technical debts. The course strikes a balance between teaching principles of software design and analysis, and providing a basis for understanding cutting-edge techniques and concepts, using open source projects as case studies.
  • SE 577 Software Architecture: This course provides fundamental knowledge of software architecture needed by modern software architects. Topics include the basis skills and knowledge needed by a software architect, architecture modeling and analysis, architecture styles and patterns, architecture quality attributes, architecture in open source projects and industrial projects, etc. The course strikes a balance between teaching principles of software architecture and analysis, and providing a basis for understanding cutting-edge techniques and concepts, using open source projects as case studies.

Two core electives courses (6 credits - select two from following courses below):

  • SE 572 Web Services & Mobile Applications; CS 500 Fundamentals of Databases; SE 627 Requirement Engineering and Management; SE 576 Software Reliability Testing

One elective course (3 credits - choose one from the courses below):

  • Sample courses: SE 576 Software Reliability and Testing; CS 647 Distributed Systems Software; SE 610 Open Source Software Engineering; SE 638 Software Project Management; SE 630 Software Economics; SE 578 Security Engineering; INFO 659 Introduction to Data Analytics; INFO 608 Human-Computer Interaction

Curriculum subject to change, pending Drexel Faculty Senate approval.

Software Architecture Certificate Admissions Requirements

  • Graduate application for the on-campus program or the online program
  • A four-year bachelor's degree or Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related STEM degree plus work experience equal to Drexel's Graduate Certificate in Computer Science.
  • A GPA of 3.0 or higher, in a completed degree program, bachelor’s degree or above.
  • Official final transcripts from ALL Colleges/Universities attended.
  • For international students and domestic students below a 3.0 GPA: Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Scores (scores must be five years old or less) are recommended.
  • One (1) letter of recommendation are required. Two (2) are suggested.
  • Essay/Statement of Purpose (approximately 500 words).
  • Current Resume.
  • Pre-requisites for all graduate level programs: computer requirements and skills
  • Additional requirements for International Students.

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