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Drug Discovery & Development (DDD) Faculty

  • Seena Ajit, PhD

    Associate Professor
    Department: Pharmacology & Physiology
    Research Interests: Molecular mechanisms of neuropathic and inflammatory pain, epigenetic regulation, microRNA expression and regulation, biomarkers

  • James Barrett, PhD

    Emeritus Professor
    Department: Neurology
    Research Interests: Pain and its co-morbidities, behavioral pharmacology, substance abuse disorders, animal models and drug discovery for novel pain therapeutics.

  • Alessandro Fatatis, MD, PhD

    Department: Pharmacology & Physiology
    Research Interests: Cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating metastatic potential of solid tumors, studies in vitro and in animal models of neoplastic disease

  • Joanne Mathiasen, PhD

    Professor of Pharmacology & Physiology; Co-director, Drug Discovery & Development Program
    Department: Pharmacology & Physiology
    Research Interests: CNS drug discovery, behavioral pharmacology, neuropharmacology, pain and cognition

  • Paul McGonigle, PhD

    Professor; Co-director, Interdisciplinary & Career-Oriented Programs; Co-Director, Drug Discovery & Development Program
    Department: Pharmacology & Physiology
    Research Interests: CNS drug discovery, receptor pharmacology, behavioral pharmacology, neuropharmacology

  • Andréia C.K. Mortensen, PhD

    Assistant Professor
    Department: Pharmacology & Physiology
    Research Interests: Excitatory amino acid transporters, astrocytes, neurological disorders, excitotoxicity, allosteric modulation, stroke, epilepsy, neuropathic pain

  • Ole Mortensen, PhD

    Associate Professor; Director, Pharmacology & Physiology Graduate Program
    Department: Pharmacology & Physiology
    Research Interests: Neurotransmitter transporters, drug addiction and affective disorders

Secondary Drug Discovery & Development Faculty

Wei Du, MD, MS

Wei Du, MD, MS

Affiliation: Drexel University College of Medicine
Occupation: Professor and Academic Chair
Interests: Clinical psychiatry

Sandhya Kortagere, PhD

Sandhya Kortagere, PhD

Affiliation: Drexel University College of Medicine
Occupation: Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology & Immunology
Interests: Molecular pharmacology and drug discovery

Participating Drug Discovery & Development Faculty

Adeboye Adajare, PhD
Affiliation: University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Occupation: Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Interests: Medicinal chemistry

Robert Babilon, PhD
Occupation: Vice President, Regulatory Affairs Affiliation: Prosoft Clinical
Background: DuPont, Aventis, Adolor
Interests: Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

Peter Basseches, PhD
Affiliation: Merck
Occupation: Director, Regulatory Affairs
Background: Icon
Interests: Regulatory affairs

Gilbert Block, MD, PhD*
Affiliation: Self-Employed
Occupation: Consultant
Backgound: Merck, Astra Zeneca, Cephalon
Interests: Central nervous system disorders and drug development

Gillian Cannon, PhD
Affiliation: Castle Biotech
Occupation: President
Backgound: Otsuka, Merck, UCB North America
Interests: Commercial and marketing

Debbie Cooper, PhD
Affiliation: Self-Employed
Occupation: Consultant
Backgound: Amgen, Wyeth, Pfizer, Cephalon
Interests: Regulatory affairs, risk management

Michael Derelanko, PhD
Affiliation: Critical Path Services
Occupation: Senior Toxicology Manager
Background: Schering-Plough, Adolor Corp
Interests: Toxicology

Melissa Egbertson, PhD
Affiliation: Self-employed
Occupation: Consultant
Background: Merck, RiboNova
Interests: Medicinal chemistry, HIV, pain

John M. Farah, Jr., PhD
Affiliation: OncoScire Therapeutics
Occupation: Managing Director
Background: Cephalon, Melior, Aeolus Pharmaceuticals
Interests: Business operations & development, marketing, international commercialization

Hugo Geerts, PhD
Affiliation: Silico Biosciences
Occupation: Chief Scientific Officer
Background: Janssen, Johnson & Johnson
Interests: Neuropharmacology; modeling and simulation of complex brain networks in CNS diseases

Pamela Hornby, PhD
Affiliation: Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Occupation: Sr. Director & Research Fellow
Background: Centocor
Interests: Neuropharmacology; GI and metabolic disorder research

David Howland, PhD
Affiliation: Cure Huntington's Disease Foundation
Occupation: Director, In Vivo Biology
Background: Cephalon, Wyeth
Interests: Model systems and molecular genetics

Peter H. Hutson, PhD
Affiliation: Acadia Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Occupation: Executive Director
Background: Merck Research Laboratories, Shire Pharmaceuticals
Interests: Neuropharmacology; psychiatric disorders; sleep

Leslie Killion, MD*
Affiliation: Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Occupation: Sr. Director, Immunology Safety Head
Background: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Wyeth, Cephalon
Interests: Global pharmacovigilance

Michele Kutzler, PhD
Affiliation: Drexel University College of Medicine
Occupation: Associate Professor of Medicine
Interests: Vaccines and vaccine development

Patrick Y. Lam, PhD
Affiliation: PA Drug Discovery Institute
Occupation: Associate Professor of Chemistry/Consultant
Background: DuPont Pharma, DuPont-Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Interests: Medicinal chemistry and drug development

Randall Mack, PhD
Affiliation: Recro Pharma
Occupation: Sr. Vice President, Development
Background: Abbott Labs, Auxilium, Adolor
Interests: Program and project management

Richard Mangano, PhD
Affiliation: Drexel University College of Medicine
Occupation: Director, Clinical Research Programs
Background: Lederle Laboratories, Wyeth Research, Adolor, Relmada Therapeutics
Interests: Clinical trials; drug discovery and development

Michael J. Marino, PhD
Affiliation: Merck Research Laboratories
Occupation: Group Leader, Electrophysiology, InVivo Pharmacology, Pain
Background: Cephalon
Interests: Psychiatric disorders; CNS drug discovery

Brian Murphy, PhD
Affiliation: Bristol-Myers Squibb
Occupation: Senior Principal Scientist
Background: Neurocrine Biosciences
Interests: Lead discovery, GPCRs

Maura Murphy, PhD
Affiliation: iCeutica Corp
Occupation: Sr. Director, Research & Development
Background: Vertex, Genzyme
Interests: Formulation research and development

Jeffrey Paul, PhD
Affiliation: JPharm Consulting
Occupation: Principal
Background: Wyeth, Pfizer, Astellas Pharma
Interests: Clinical pharmacology

MaryAnn Pelleymounter, PhD
Affiliation: NINDS
Occupation: Scientific Project Manager
Background: Amgen, Neurocrine Biosciences, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Interests: Drug discovery, obesity, translational research

Rajesh Ranganathan, PhD
Affiliation: Massachusetts General Hospital
Occupation: Director Translational Medicine & Clinical Partnerships
Background: Incyte, Novartis, PhRMA
Interests: Translational science, neurotherapeutics and education

Robert Ring, PhD
Affiliation: Vencerx Therapeutics
Occupation: CEO
Background: Wyeth Research, Pfizer, Autism Speaks
Interests: Autism spectrum disorders research; mood disorders research; drug discovery and development and neuropeptide research

Sharon Rosenzweig-Lipson, PhD
Affiliation: IVS Consulting LLC
Occupation: President
Background: Wyeth Researh, Pfizer
Interests: Translational medicine; in vivo models; drug discovery

Bill Rote, PhD
Affiliation: Retrophin
Occupation: Sr. Vice President, Research & Development
Background: Corvas, Amylin, Astra-Zeneca, Ardea Biosciences
Interests: Clinical development and alliance management

James Samanen, PhD
Affiliation: James Samanen Consulting LLC
Occupation: Consultant
Background: Beckman Instruments, GSK
Interests: Drug discovery and development

David Stone, PhD
Affiliation: Merck Research Labs
Occupation: Senior Principal Scientist
Background: CuraGen Corp.
Interests: Genomics

Jeff Vaught, PhD
Affiliation: Cephalon
Occupation: Executive VP & CSO (ret.)
Background: McNeil Pharmaceuticals
Interests: CNS and oncology therapeutics

Michael Wood, PhD
Affiliation: CIrcuit Therapeutics
Occupation: Sr. VP Drug Discovery 7 Strategic Partnerships
Background: Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca
Interests: CNS drug discovery and development