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Medical Toxicology Image Library I

Insulin (Humulin)

Drexel Toxicology Image Library - Humulin/Insulin
An intermediate-acting insulin used in the treatment of hyperglycemia in diabetes mellitus. It contains both short and intermediate acting insulins to create a steady state glucose level by controlling the basal level of glucose and glucose boluses that occur with meals. Patients who inadvertently inject too much of this product and have renal failure may have longer periods of hypoglycemia due to decreased excretion of the drug. Caution must be taken in intentional and unintentional overdose of Humulin/Insulin to monitor creatinine and the patient's ability to excrete the drug, or hypoglycemic episodes may be prolonged.

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Drexel Toxicology Image Library - Isocyanates
Commonly used in the manufacturing of rigid foams and surface coating as well as in spray paints. They are respiratory hazards as particulates, vapors, or aerosols and can cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis in poorly ventilated areas. Respiratory sensitization to isocyanates can lead to occupational asthma and can be acutely fatal. They can permeate improperly worn PPE and when in contact with skin, can lead to respiratory sensitization. Additionally, methyl isocyanate (MIC) specifically is highly flammable which is another risk. Proper utilization of PPE while working with isocyanates can prevent the respiratory sensitization. Image courtesy of Mostafa Sheshtawy.

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