How to Apply for Housing

The following information is applicable for first-year students starting at Drexel in the 2023–2024 academic year.

Applying for Drexel housing is easy. Below are detailed steps on how to complete your application.

Apply for Housing

Submit a Housing Application on DrexelOne in order to live on campus in a University Residence Hall.

View Housing and Dining Costs

Visit the Housing and Dining Costs page for more information.

Step 1: Submit the $200 Housing Deposit

To submit the deposit:

  • Visit DrexelOne
  • Click on the Billing+Financial Aid tab
  • Click on the eBills link
  • Select the Deposits tab
  • Select the term for which you are applying for housing
  • Follow prompts to submit your payment

Step 2: Complete the Housing Application

The Housing Application opens for first-year students on Thursday, March 16. It may take up to 24-hours after your deposit is submitted for the housing application to become available.

To access the housing application:

  • Visit DrexelOne
  • Click on the Campus+Community tab
  • Click on the "Housing" link
  • Select the desired housing application

Complete all steps in the Housing Application and click "submit" on the last page. You will receive a confirmation email once your completed application is submitted, sent to your official Drexel email account.

How to Apply for Housing Step-by-Step Guide [PDF]

Step 3: Select your Roommate(s)

First-year roommate matching will take place starting Monday, June 5. Students may opt to identify a roommate or roommates ahead of first-year self-selection. This step is optional and is limited to students who completed a Housing Application. Roommate selection will conclude at the end of first-year self-selection. 

Roommate Selection Step-by-Step Guide [PDF]

Step 4: Select Your Residence Hall & Room

First-year self-selection will take place in June 2023. Students who apply by Monday, May 15, 2023 will receive a time ticket via their Drexel student email. Students who do not participate in self-selection will be given an assignment via their Drexel email by Wednesday, July 5, 2023 by Housing and Residence Life.

Room Self-Selection Step-by-Step Guide [PDF]

The Housing Application

The following information describes sections of the first-year housing application including roommate selection and housing preferences.

Complete a short living style questionnaire which will be available to potential roommates.

Housing and Residence Life will utilize the preferences indicated here to assign a student if the student chooses not to participate in room self-selection, or does not participate in room self-selection and/or a Living Learning Community (LLC).

Students have an opportunity to share their spiritual/religious observance needs related to their on-campus living experience.

This will be an opportunity for students to express interest in a Living Learning Community (LLC).

Students who identify as non-binary have the option to either participate in Gender Inclusive Housing or live with students whose legal sex (as identified in the Drexel system) matches their own.

Housing and Residence Life requires all students to have an emergency contact on file. Use this page to provide that information. On this page, information from your DrexelOne account is also provided, but cannot be updated if incorrect. To update a permanent address or your official emergency contact, log into DrexelOne.
Gender-Inclusive Housing enhances the residential experience by allowing students to live in the same room and share internal/external bathrooms regardless of assigned sex, gender identity and/or gender expression. This is an optional housing opportunity and must be specifically requested.

If the student may need specialized accommodations for the academic year, they should contact Disability Resources. It is the student's responsibility to contact Disability Resources.

Please read carefully as this page will highlight important portions of the housing agreement.
Electronically sign the Individual housing agreement. If a student is under the age of 18 at the time the housing agreement is completed, they will be able to enter the name and email address of a parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian will then be able to sign the agreement on behalf of the student. Once this is completed, the student will be able to complete the housing application.

First-Year students who reside in University Housing residence halls are required to select a Residential Mandatory Dining Plan for the academic year.

Select preferred roommates by searching for a specific person or searching based on the living style questionnaire. This page will also list anyone who has requested the student as a roommate.

Housing and Residence Life will utilize the living style questionnaire to assign students who choose not to participate in, or are not eligible for, online room self-selection. Please note that students are indicating preferences only. All preferences are subject to availability at time of selection or assignment.

Students have several options when searching for roommates:

  • Search for a specific student using their last name and their Drexel user ID.
  • Browse for roommates by selecting answers to the living style questionnaire.
  • Browse roommates who match the living style questionnaire.


Room self-selection is an online process that gives you the opportunity to select your own room for the 2023–2024 academic year. You will be assigned a time ticket that will indicate the exact time and date you will be able to access self-selection.

Although room self-selection is optional, we strongly encourage you to participate in this process. Students who opt not to participate in room self-selection will be administratively assigned a housing slot by Housing and Residence Life the first week of July.

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