commuter resources

Commuter Resources

The Student Life team, in conjunction with the Community Student Association (CSA), specifically serves all aspects of our commuter student population by providing student learning and engagement opportunities outside of an academic setting. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on the campus experience for our commuter students and the need for their increased involvement in extracurricular activities.

Community Student Association (CSA)

To further develop a sense of community for our commuter population on campus, the Community Student Association (CSA) develops programs to foster a sense of belonging among commuters, advocates for the needs of the commuter population, and empowers students to educate faculty and staff about the unique needs of commuter students. Because part of becoming a Drexel Dragon involves finding your place on campus and finding out how you can contribute to improving our University, we encourage all commuter students to start their journey at Drexel with CSA.

Further Resources for Off-Campus Students

Campus Engagement works with campus partners to provide students with welcoming work spaces and facilities that meet students' needs, including: computers, televisions, basic kitchen appliances, and storage space.