Faculty Academic Integrity Resources

Academic Integrity Conduct Process

  1. Collect all documentation and information regarding the alleged violation.
  2. Consult with the department head or designee if you are not sure that a policy violation has occurred.
  3. When you determine that a violation has occurred, send the student a Notification of Meeting [PDF] to their Drexel email address and cc yourself.
  4. The student will have seven (7) calendar days to respond to your request and either schedule a meeting or meet with you within a reasonable timeframe. Please note: Faculty must meet with students to discuss a potential violation of the Academic Integrity Policy.
  5. During the meeting:
    1. Discuss the allegation with the student.
    2. Ask for the student's version of the incident.
    3. If you believe the student has violated the policy, give the student the opportunity to accept or deny responsibility for the policy violation.
    4. Let the student know that you will send them an outcome letter determining the finding (responsible or not responsible), sanctions (if applicable), and appeal information.
  6. Typical sanctions imposed for an Academic Integrity Violation:
    • Failure of the course
    • Reduction of course grade
    • Failure for the assignment or exam
    • Reduction of assignment or exam grade
    • Retaking or redoing an assignment
    • Other sanction that is deemed appropriate for the infraction
  7. The student will have seven (7) calendar days from the date of the outcome letter to appeal.
  8. After the meeting, send the student the Responsible Outcome Letter [PDF] or Not Responsible Outcome Letter [PDF] based upon your finding.


  • If the student chooses to appeal, do not submit the violation report to Student Conduct until the student has exhausted all appeal options and has received their final appeal outcome letter.
  • If the student does not appeal by the deadline, submit an Academic Integrity Violation Report to Student Conduct via the Portal for Incident Reporting or the Academic Integrity Reporting form. Learn more about how to Report an Incident.

Academic Sanction Appeal Process

Students must initiate any appeal related to a violation of the Academic Integrity policy within seven (7) calendar days after the decision has been issued. View additional student information about the Academic Sanction Appeal Process.

  • For the first level of an Academic Sanction Appeal, the student can choose to appeal in writing to the dean of the college/school or designee of which the course was taken.
  • The second and final level of appeal requires the student to appeal in writing to the provost or designee.

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