Fall Term Courses (202315)

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Subject Title
CAEE 203 System Balances and Design in CAEE
CHE 211 Material and Energy Balances I
CHE 220 Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering II
CHE 330 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II
CHEM 101 General Chemistry I
CHEM 111 Preparatory Chemistry I
CIVE 240 Engineering Economic Analysis
CIVE 320 Introduction to Fluid Flow
ECE 200 Digital Logic Design
ECE 201 Foundation of Electric Circuits I
ECE 301 Foundation of Electric Circuits II
ECE 361 Probability & Data Analytics for Engineers
ECE 370 Electronic Devices
ECES 301 Signals & Systems I
ENGR 111 Introduction to Engineering Design & Data Analysis
ENGR 220 Fundamentals of Materials
ENGR 231 Linear Engineering Systems
MATH 105 Algebra, Functions, and Trigonometry
MATH 116 Calculus and Functions I
MATH 121 Calculus I
MATH 122 Calculus II
MATH 200 Multivariate Calculus
MEM 202 Statics
MEM 230 Mechanics of Materials I
MEM 310 Thermodynamic Analysis I
PHYS 100 Preparation for Engineering Studies
PHYS 101 Fundamentals of Physics I
PHYS 102 Fundamentals of Physics II
PHYS 201 Fundamentals of Physics III