Mission, Vision & Core Values

Drexel Engineering Mission

Our mission is to cultivate technically and theoretically trained adaptable engineers who are dedicated to discovery and the application of technology, and who understand the global, social and ethical implications of creating sustainable solutions to societal challenges. We will achieve this through the production of robust research and the meaningful integration of emerging engineering approaches and innovations across digital, human and physical platforms.

Our Vision

As the cornerstone of Drexel University, we will reimagine the continuum of engineering research, education and practice—strengthening and integrating all three through strategic collaborations with industry, government and non-profit partners—to foster long-term sustainability and the cultivation of engineering talent across diverse local and global communities.

Our Core Values


Ensure that all aspects of our pedagogy, research, administrative operations and outreach are of excellent quality, embodying the highest standards of knowledge, inquiry, academic freedom, integrity and service.

Student Centeredness

Provide for the personal, intellectual, ethical and professional development of our students, enabling them to become leaders, to be civically engaged and to pursue lifelong development.


Value, encourage and promote all aspects of human differences, fostering a culture that welcomes a broad variety of personal circumstances and experiences, mirrors our rapidly changing world and prepares our students to be effective citizens in an increasingly interdependent society.


Preserve and enhance our legacy of exploration, strategic leadership and entrepreneurial risktaking as we discover new and better ways of anticipating and addressing society’s needs and challenges.


Expand our expertise, resources and impact by working closely with all segments of Drexel as well as through partnerships and alliances internally and beyond our campus.


Demonstrate through individual and collaborative teaching, research and administrative operations the meaningful integration of all engineering disciplines and approaches for a positive impact on long-term, sustainable solutions.