Celebration of Engineering Design

Guidelines and Information

2021 Celebration of Engineering Design
Thursday, June 3 from 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Celebration of Engineering Design


The College of Engineering will host the 2021 Celebration of Engineering Design competition to showcase the best of the 2021 Senior Design teams.

Date and Location

The 2021 Celebration of Engineering Design event will take place through Zoom on Thursday, June 3, from 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. The senior design team presentations will occur in alphabetical order by major name.

Join on Zoom.

See a list of abstracts from all of the 2020-21 Senior Design projects.


12 - 1:15 p.m. Senior Design Team Presentations
1:15 - 1:45 p.m. Question and answer period in Zoom breakout rooms
1:45 p.m. Faculty/staff and student votes due
2 - 2:30 p.m. Awards Ceremony


Celebration of Engineering Design

Departments invite external judges to help rank the best of the design projects. In addition to their presentation, each group submits a 15-page report giving more detail on their design background, analysis, and results. The reports will be judged using the Written Report Summary Rubric [PDF]. Judges will also use the Professional Presentation Rubric [PDF] for the oral reports.

There will be no questions from judges or other attendees during the team oral presentations. After all the team presentations have concluded, breakout sessions will be opened for a half-hour question and answer period for judges and other attendees.

Scoring will be based on weighted voting by the external judges (85% - 45% is for report summary and 40% for presentation) plus all Drexel faculty, staff and students with a Drexel University ID (15%).


Every Senior Design team in the final competition will be considered for the following awards:

  • 1st Place - $2,500
  • 2nd Place - $1,500
  • 3rd Place - $1,000