The Innovation Studio

The Innovation Studio at Drexel University brings students together in a shared space to collaborate on turning their ideas into reality.

Innovation Studio 1

Opened in Fall 2015, the Studio’s purpose and mission is to offer students a place to create projects using a “flow through” area in which initial designs become mock-ups, then working prototypes and finally completed projects, utilizing the tools and equipment of Drexel’s Machine Shop as necessary.

Innovation Studio 2

“The Innovation Studio serves as a central hub for students to share and cultivate ideas from all disciplines across the university,” said Joseph B. Hughes, Ph.D., former Dean of the College of Engineering. “Here, students not only have a place to share their designs with others, but also a place to work together to transform an idea into a fabricated, finished and marketable product. The studio further defines the College of Engineering’s and the University’s strategic initiative to consistently demonstrate innovation.”

Over 1,000 students are currently making use of the 20,000 square foot space, including College of Engineering freshmen who will use the studio for their design projects throughout their undergraduate experience. In addition to the machine shop, which contains heavy machinery for advanced manufacturing of metal parts for student projects, there is also woodworking equipment and 3D printers. All students at Drexel have access to the Studio.

“The Innovation Studio grants students the ability to take advantage of the high ceilings and strong floors for big projects,” said Arthur J. Rowland Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Bruce Eisenstein, Ph.D. “This space provides our faculty with a new way to teach, and our students, with a new way of learning by doing and creating.”

Innovation Studio 3

The idea for the new studio itself materialized from the widespread acceptance of the Maker Movement, a trend which is meant to encourage and inspire individuals from different backgrounds to come together to create, develop and build even better products than what are currently available on the market, generally at a lower cost and much faster. Drexel University joins universities and colleges in a global initiative to support the Maker Movement with the Innovation Studio.