Learning Community

Engineering Learning Community

The Engineering Learning Community (ELC) provides an opportunity for first-year engineering students to live and learn together. In the ELC, students come together with advisors, peers and upperclassmen to learn, socialize and support one another.

By joining the ELC, you have an opportunity to establish a sense of community with like-minded peers while receiving exclusive access to resources that are specifically designed to promote your transition to college.

Myers Hall
Myers Hall

If you become an ELC Member, you will:

  • Live in Myers Hall;
  • Take first-year engineering courses with other ELC Members;
  • Benefit from exclusive tutoring and peer mentoring programs;
  • Interact with College of Engineering students, organization leaders and upperclassmen;
  • Gain access to ELC-specific social and professional events, such as game nights, field trips, and engineering workshops.

To Apply for 2020-21 Academic Year

Indicate your interest on your University Housing Application. The Housing Application will prompt you to answer a few brief questions related to your interest in joining the ELC. Please note that you must be living on campus to be eligible for a space in the ELC.

“It sounds cheesy, but the ELC had a hand in shaping who I am. It provided me with friends I will hold with me for the rest of my life… The ELC will always be representative of a new an exciting period in my life. It will always hold dear memories.”
Recent ELC Resident


  • Do I have to live on campus to participate in the ELC?

    Yes, as an ELC student, you must live on campus. Please be sure to fill out your Housing application to be considered. If you do not plan to live on campus, but are still looking for a way to connect to the College of Engineering during your first year, we encourage you to apply to the Engineering Peer Mentor program. Contact Rosie Sullivan for more information rdk54@drexel.edu.

  • I was planning to room with someone who is also attending Drexel this fall. Can we still live together if I'm accepted into the ELC program?

    Yes, if both you and your chosen roommate are engineering majors accepted into the ELC, you can live together. Please be sure both you and your chosen roommate apply to be part of the ELC. If your chosen roommate is not an engineering major, you will have to choose between this living arrangement and the ELC.

  • What if I get accepted into the Honors Program and the ELC. Can I do both?

    Yes, you can be an Honors Program student and still participate in the Engineering Learning Community program, however, the Honors program also hosts a living learning community, which takes place in Millennium Hall, so you will need to choose between these two residential options. Keep in mind that if you choose to live with the ELC, you can still maintain all other benefits and privileges of the Honors program.

  • I heard the ELC takes some classes together. Which ones?

    Formally, ENGR 111 and 131 (first-year Engineering design and programing courses), UNIV 101 (first-year seminar) and CIVC 101 (Intro to Civic Engagement). Informally, many ELC members are often enrolled in the same sections of other courses, but you’re unlikely to have all of your classes with ELC members.

  • Will I get to know students from other majors?

    Yes, absolutely. As a residential student, you will be living in a residence hall that houses students from all majors and other learning communities. Our learning community students also fully participate in all the University has to offer including student organizations, athletics, fraternity and sorority life, community service and on and off-campus events and programs.

  • Does it cost anything to participate in the ELC program?

    No, there is no additional cost associated with the ELC program. Most activities sponsored by the program are free to ELC participants.