Engineering Co-op Program at Drexel

Drexel is known for its experiential education, and most prominently, its co-op program. Co-op is an advantage because it enables you to gain perspective on what it means to be an engineer, gain perspective on how they work and an understanding of the facets of the many specializations you have to choose from. You will bring experience back to your classroom with a new understanding of the theory earned from the practical, hands-on experience – all prior to graduation.

Students alternate classes with full-time employment through University-approved employers. Generally, students are on co-op for a six-month period, alternating with six months of classroom study. Most students choose the 5-year, 3 co-op option, which allows them to try several options – from large organizations to small consulting firms, or research to field work.

The burgeoning global market by provides students with the opportunity to gain experience with an international co-op. Many students choose to get the experience go abroad for their co-op, developing cross-cultural skills and an understanding of our increasingly global society.

For more information, please visit the Steinbright Career Development Center, which is responsible for coordinating the university’s co-op program.

Salary range for paid 6 month engineering co-ops
Co-op employment rate
International Co-ops in 2018–19

Drexel Engineering Co-ops

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