Current Students Engineering Design

Drexel Engineering bookends your studies with two three-course sequences in engineering design.

Your first year of study includes mainly the foundational coursework you will need to become an engineer. However, Drexel Engineers are immersed in becoming familiar with engineering design and the engineering disciplines right from the first term. The goal is to give you the first idea of what being an engineer is about and that you feel comfortable with the major you have selected. Learn more about the First-Year Engineering Design course objectives .

Three young men sit on top of a small go-kart
From left: Thayer, Keller and Patiashivili pose with the Formula SAE car.

Senior Design

Your final year of study includes a three-course sequence geared towards simulating a professional work environment of working on an open-ended challenge, researching, testing and then presenting your work.

During the fall teams are formed, an area of interest is selected, and proposals that explicitly state the design problems and methods of solutions are made to faculty. Solutions are developed in the Winter and Spring and the culmination of the work is pulled together in a formal report of the results. The faculty encourages an emphasis upon the process of defining the problems and developing the solutions as much as the actual end products. To reflect that concern, proposals, progress reports and final reports are required in both written and oral formats.

The Senior Design Final Presentations provide a forum in which the project engineers (the students) communicate their results to the community.

The departments nominate their best team to present at a college-wide Celebration of Engineering Design event.

Review prior year Abstracts and Booklets.