Research Facilities

Thermo Fisher Scientific Apreo 2S LoVac SEM
Thermo Fisher Scientific Apreo 2S LoVac SEM in the Materials Characterization Core.

Drexel Materials has world-class research facilities where we make new materials and characterize their composition, properties and performance. Research in the field of materials involves synthesis, characterization and modeling of all types of materials including metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, semiconductors, nanomaterials and biomaterials. Using characterization on atomic, nano, micro and macro scales, we assess the structure-property relationships of existing materials and use these relationships to understand materials behavior and engineer new high-performance materials.

Our department has synthesis capabilities for additive manufacturing, polymer synthesis and processing, ceramic synthesis, and thin film deposition, including 3D printed metals and polymers, a variety of furnaces, ovens, and hot presses, atomic layer deposition, molecular beam epitaxy, and pulsed laser deposition. Capabilities for materials characterization in the Materials Characterization Core include two transmission electron microscopes, including a field-emission instrument equipped with two field-emission scanning electron microscopes and a dual-beam focused ion beam-SEM; powder and single-crystal X-Ray diffractometers; and ultrahigh vacuum X-ray and UV photoelectron spectroscopy. We utilize maker spaces in Drexel’s Machine Shop and Innovation Studio, as well as Microcomputing Tomography (MicroCT), and the Bioimaging Center, among other facilities.