Laboratory Safety

Jessica Weaver

Drexel University and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering take laboratory safety extremely seriously. Everyone working in the laboratories in Drexel Materials is required to undertake necessary safety training.

Drexel's Department of Environmental Health & Safety is the go-to resource for all things related to laboratory safety. Their BioRAFT Safety Training makes compliance easy via an on-line, self-paced, training program. Everyone must take the time to complete the training modules assigned to the lab(s) in which they will be working, and to follow all relevant policies, procedures, protocols, directives, and guidelines prior to embarking on any research in a lab. Once completed, the BioRaft training is valid for a period of one year. Only the laboratory’s faculty PI, or their designate, can enroll you into BioRaft.

If you have any specific questions related to health and safety in Drexel Materials labs, please contact Professor Rick Knight.

Departmental Laboratory Safety Forms

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)