Welcome to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Drexel!

Michele MarcolongoDrexel’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering is an international leader with world-class faculty, research facilities, and highly talented students.  Ranked 11th in the nation, Drexel Materials has demonstrated excellence in research, innovation and entrepreneurship, and education.

Faculty and student research spans from basic science and discovery to engineering the advanced performance of materials and bringing technologies back to society.  We include the study of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics to enable new materials design, synthesis, characterization and modeling.  Expertise in Drexel Materials includes materials to enable better energy storage, new tissue regeneration and drug delivery for patients, improvement in data processing in electronics, and developing sustainable materials to have low environmental impact, among others.

Our undergraduate education takes a dual approach to introduce students to theoretical concepts in the classroom, while simultaneously incorporating experiential learning to practice those concepts in our innovation studio, research labs, cooperative learning six-month internships (co-ops), and project based-learning (Vertically Integrated Projects). This innovative approach to engineering education makes Drexel students highly recruited for industry positions after graduation and enables them to be awarded highly competitive national fellowships when choosing graduate school.

At Drexel Materials, we are engineering novel solutions to advance societal needs using creativity and innovation and executing on those solutions with advanced science and engineering approaches.

We welcome you to join the Drexel Materials community!

Michele Marcolongo, PhD
Department Head and Professor

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