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Materials Science and Engineering is concerned with the production, properties, and utilization of metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, electronic, optical, nano- and bio-compatible, and new yet to be discovered materials. Materials engineers play a key role in our increasingly complex technological society by extending the limited supply of materials, improving existing materials, and developing and designing new and superior materials and processes with an awareness of their cost, reliability, safety, and societal and environmental implications.

Drexel Materials Undergraduate Programs

Students majoring in the materials science and engineering program receive a thorough grounding in the basic sciences and engineering of all materials, plus laboratory experience designed to familiarize students with the instruments and advanced techniques used to characterize materials, in our ABET-accredited program. Drexel University’s department of materials science and engineering aims to bring real-world experience into an educational setting to prepare students for future careers in material science and engineering.

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Drexel Materials Graduate Programs

Graduate program students engage in research at the forefront of materials for energy, nanotechnology, biomaterials, electronic materials, soft materials, nuclear materials science, and advanced materials design and processing. The materials science and engineering PhD program is offered on a full-time basis, and the MS program is offered on both a full- and part-time basis.

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