Information for Transfer Students

Transfer students traditionally attend Drexel University for three academic years and complete two six-month co-operative experiences. There is also the option of completing one six-month co-operative experience within the three academic years.

While, every student brings in a different number of transfer credits, a typical transfer student comes to Drexel having completed the majority of the freshmen year curriculum and most general education electives.

For a typical plan of study, see Transfer Matrix (2018 and beyond) and Transfer Student Matrix (2016 and beyond).

Note: Equivalents to MATH 121, MATH 122, and MATH 200 must be transferred in for a transfer student to not delay their graduation from Drexel University.

The typical progression of courses that transfer students must take to get to the senior capstone course is:

Term 1 – MATH 201, CHE 220, CHE 211
Term 2 – MATH 210, CHE 230, CHE 212
Term 3 – CHE 350, CHE 341, CHE 330
Term 4 – CHE 320, CHE 342, CHE 343, CHE 351, CHE 371
Term 5 – CHE 471, CHE 331, CHE 453, CHE 362, CHE 464
Term 6 – CHE 472, CHE 352, CHE 372
Term 7 – CHE 473, CHE 466

The remaining requirements are scheduled as they fit into the schedule depending on the student's plan of study.

It is recommended that a transfer student meets with the departmental academic advisor in their first or second term at Drexel University so a clear plan can be created and all questions can be addressed.

Questions about Transferring to Drexel?

All prospective transfer students are encouraged to make an appointment with the Transfer Coordinator to discuss their individual transfer credit evaluation after it is received. An appointment can be made by calling the College of Engineering's Undergraduate Advising Center at 215.895.2211.

If you have not yet applied to the university but have questions concerning your current or previous coursework you have taken at another school please contact Noelle Palladino, Transfer Coordinator for the College of Engineering.

Go to Undergraduate Admissions to complete your transfer application.

Contact for currently enrolled transfer students:

Andrea Falcone
Director of Undergraduate Affairs
Office: CAT 280
(215) 895-2227

Contact for prospective transfer students:

Noelle Palladino
Transfer Coordinator, College of Engineering