BS in Chemical Engineering

Progam Requirements

General Education

The undesignated general education courses can be chosen from the disciplines listed below. Any course selected from the categories below meets this requirement, except as noted.

Note for students graduating before June 2021: PHIL 315 and HIST 285 do not count towards the general education elective requirement

ACCT, AFAS, ANTH, ARBC, ARCH, ARTH, BLAW, BUSN, CHIN,COM, CJS, CULA, CUST, DANC, ECON, ENGL (except 101, 102, 103 & 105), EAM, EDUC, FIN, FREN, GER, HIST, HRM, HRMT, HUM (except 106, 107, & 108), IAS, INTB, ITAL, JAPN, LANG, LEAD, MGMT, MKTG, MUSC, OPM, OPR, ORGB, PHIL, PHTO, PE, POM, PSCI, PSY (except 330, 337, 364 & 365), RELG, RUSS, SCRP, SOC (except 364 & 365), SPAN, SMT, TAX, THTR, WMST, WRIT (Sampling: Other courses may be accepted upon advisor approval.)

General Education electives must be non-technical. All Computer, Math, Engineering & Science related courses will NOT count as General Education.

Chemical Engineering Minor

Required Core
CHE 211 4 cr Mass and Energy Balances I
CHE 212 4 cr Mass and Energy Balances II
CHE 220 3 cr Computational Methods I
CHE 362 4 cr Kinetics and Reactor design
Choice of one thermo course *
CHE 230 4 cr Thermo I
CHE 330 4 cr Thermo II
Choice of one transport course **
CHE 341 4 cr Fluid Mechanics
CHE 342 4 cr Heat Transfer
CHE 343 4 cr Mass Transfer

Electives (4 cr)

Choose from other CHE core courses, elective course options, or research (CHE i399)

Elective Course Options:

CHE 431, CHE 360, CHE 430, CHE 466, CHE 351, CHE 352, CHE 453, CHE 211, CHE 350, CHE 220, CHE 320, CHE 331, CHE 371, CHE 372, CHE 464, CHE 364, CHE T480, CHE 460 Total 27 cr

*CHE will not accept ENGR 210 towards thermodynamics requirement
**students who take an equivalent transport must take a different transport course. (e.g., MEM cannot count CHE 302 towards the transport requirement)