FAQ: Registration/Courses

Registration and Course Information

  • When can I register for courses?

    Time ticket information for all grades can be found at Drexel Central.

  • How can I see what courses are offered for terms other than the current term?

    You may find detailed course information by term at Term Master Schedule.

  • How do I add a minor to my plan of study?

    Students need to meet with the advisor for their major to see how the minor will fit in to their plan of study. They also need to meet with the advisor for the minor. Students need to fill out an Admission to Minor form. This will get the minor officially added to their transcript.

  • How do I drop a course?

    Students can drop a course themselves up until the end of Week 1. After Week 1, students will have to withdrawal from the course by filling out a Withdrawal Form, found on our department forms page.

  • Can I take a class while on co-op?

    Yes, students can take up to six credits while on co-op. Students wishing to take a course on co-op must fill out Drexel Central's Form, found on our department forms page.

  • Curriculum

  • How do I apply for the BS/MS accelerated degree?

    Detailed information for the BS/MS program can be found at CHE BS/MS Program. Students must apply between 90 and 120 completed credits (this includes the current term’s credits) and hold a 3.30 in core CHE courses.

  • Can I do research as an undergraduate student?

    Student’s who maintain a 3.0 GPA may seek out opportunities with research professors in the department. General research information can be found on our department research page. Students wishing to receive credit for research done can sign up for CHE 399. The form for this is found on our department forms page. All requests must be submitted before the end of week two of the term in which the research will be conducted.