Department Research

Research Areas

Drexel's department of Chemical and Biological Engineering boasts a total of fourteen Bossone Research Center faculty members that are currently active in departmental research. The department's research is divided into four principal areas: Polymer Science and Engineering, Multiscale Modeling and Process Systems Engineering, Energy and the Environment, and Biological Engineering. Our faculty currently has active research grants from the Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National Science Foundation (NSF), National Institute of Health (NIH), American Chemical Society (ACS), Pfizer, Inc., along with a host of other institutions.

Biological Engineering

Biochemical Engineering, Biomaterials Engineering, Biological Colloids, Biomedical Engineering, Tissue Engineering, hydrogels, complex fluids, intercellular phase separation and mass transfer, cellular metabolism in bioreactors, biosensors, cellular biophysics

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Energy and the Environment:

Solar cells, nanowires, biodegradable polymers, renewable fuels and energy, fuel cells, electrocatalysts, polymer and composties from renewable sources, batteries, supercapacitors

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Multiscale Modeling and Process Systems Engineering:

Drug Delivery, Fuel Cells, Process Control and Modeling, Transport Phenomena, Molecular Simulation, nanotube synthesis, safety analysis, fluid mechanics of multi-phase systems

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Polymer Science and Engineering:

Materials from Renewable Sources, Membranes, Nanomaterials, Polymer Composites, Polymer Processing and Rheology, Polymer Nano-composites, Polymer Science, Reacting Polymer Systems, Interfacial Phenomena, diffusion in polymers, pyrolysis of polymers, polymer thermodynamics, effects on microstructure on transport and properties of polymers, moisture transport and degradation of biodegradable polymers

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