Accelerated BS/MS Degree in Chemical & Biological Engineering

General Graduate Policies of the University

Policies and requirements listed on this page apply in addition to general University undergraduate and graduate policies and requirements. Please consult the Provost website for University undergraduate policies. Please consult the Office of Graduate Studies website for a complete listing of University graduate policies and requirements.

General Facts

  • The BS/MS program is structured to allow students to complete both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering in a five-year curriculum with co-op.
  • Admission into the BS/MS program is merit-based.
  • A BS/MS student, graduating in 2021-2022 (admit 2016-2017), is excused from 4 general education electives.
  • A BS/MS student, graduating in 2023 or 2024 (admit 2018) is excused from 1credit of general education electives.
  • A BS/MS student must take a total of 45 graduate credits (details below).
  • A BS/MS student’s degrees are awarded simultaneously, and requirements for both the BS and the MS portions must be met in order for the student to graduate.
  • The senior capstone design project (CHE 471, 472,473) is not waived for BSMS students. Students must complete the three-course sequence whether they are pursuing a thesis or non-thesis option masters degree.

Admission Requirements and Procedures

To be admitted into the BS/MS program in Chemical Engineering, a student must:

  • Complete at least two CHE courses with a cumulative CHE GPA of 3.30. (CHE 211,212,220,230)
  • The student must have at least a 3.00 overall cumulative GPA
  • Have accumulated at least 90 Drexel credits but not more than 120 registered credits
  • Create a Plan of Study showing the BS and MS requirements
  • Submit an accelerated degree program application [PDF] to their undergraduate advisor to begin obtaining signatures. Students must obtain signatures sequentially as shown in the application.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, a BS/MS student must maintain the following minimum cumulative GPAs in the following course categories:

  1. All courses: 3.0
  2. All graduate courses: 3.0
  3. All undergraduate CHE courses: 3.0
  4. All graduate CHE courses: 3.0
  5. All core graduate CHE courses: 3.0

Additionally, any BS/MS student pursuing a Thesis Masters must submit and orally present the MS thesis in order to graduate, including a signed thesis completion form (available from the Office of Graduate Studies).

Probationary Status

Any term in which a student’s cumulative overall, graduate, undergraduate CHE, graduate CHE, or core graduate CHE GPA falls below 3.0, will result in the student being placed on probationary status in the BS/MS program. A student on probationary status for two consecutive terms will be dropped from the BS/MS program into the standard BS track. A student cannot graduate with a BS/MS in a term in which he/she is on probationary status.


All BS/MS students are required to complete 45 credits of graduate coursework and/or research. These are grouped as follows:

  1. 15 credits of Core Chemical Engineering Graduate Courses:
    1. CHE 502 Mathematical Methods (Fall terms only)
    2. CHE 513 Thermodynamics (Fall terms only)
    3. CHE 525 Transport Phenomena I (Winter terms only)
    4. CHE 543 Kinetics and Catalysis I (Spring terms only)
    5. CHE 554 Process Systems Engineering (Spring terms only)
  2. 15 credits of Graduate Technical Electives;
  3. 15 credits of either
    1. Non-thesis coursework, which is comprised of
      1. 9 credits of further Graduate Technical Electives,and
      2. 6 credits of Graduate Free Electives.
    2. Master’s Thesis Research, which is comprised of
      1. 9 credits of Master’s Thesis Research (CHE 898), and
      2. 6 credits of Graduate Free Electives

Graduate Technical Electives: Graduate Technical Electives are graduate level courses that have scientific and/or engineering merit. It is the student’s responsibility to choose courses that match his/her scientific/technical interests and complements his/her research (if pursuing a thesis). This may include Graduate Independent Study* (CHE I799), provided the student has a faculty advisor willing to sponsor a CHE I799 research project. There must however be a total of at least 9 credits of Graduate Technical Electives that are not CHE I799.

Please Note: All EGMT courses must be added prior to the start of the term. Please complete an add form and submit directly to EGMT to be enrolled in an EGMT class; the CBE department cannot enroll you in an EGMT class.

Graduate Free Electives: Graduate Free Electives are graduate level courses that are generally unrestricted.

Download the CHE I799 fillable form [PDF].

Prerequisites for Core CHE Graduate Courses

For students that entered Drexel in 2015 or earlier
CHE 502 and CHE 525: CHE 302, CHE 304, CHE 305
CHE 513: CHE 301
CHE 543: CHE 424
CHE 554: CHE 420

For students who entered Drexel in 2016 or later
CHE 502 and CHE 525: CHE 341, CHE 343, CHE 331
CHE 513: CHE 330
CHE 543: CHE 362 CHE 554: CHE 464

Plan of Study

Every BS/MS applicant must complete a plan of study that indicates the coursework schedule term-by-term for the completion of both the MS and BS portions. Concentration elective courses need not be explicitly named but blocks for them must be labeled as such. Students pursuing a thesis should consult their research advisors regarding planning for CHE I799 fillable form [PDF]/898.

For students graduating in or before 2020
BS/MS Matrix [XLS]

For students graduating in 2021 or later
BS/MS Matrix [PDF]

For students graduating in 2023 or later
BS/MS Matrix [XLS]

Thesis vs. Non-Thesis Master’s in the BS/MS Program

Upon applying to the BS/MS program, the student should decide whether to pursue a traditional Thesis Master’s or a Non-Thesis Master’s. The additional requirements of a Thesis Master’s are the completion and oral defense of a Master’s Thesis under the direction of a research advisor. It is important to select a research advisor from among the Chemical and Biological Engineering Faculty as early as possible. Selection is informally arranged: Students are encouraged to speak one-on-one with faculty about possible MS projects.

* Registration for Master’s Thesis Research (CHE 898) and Graduate Independent Study (CHE I799) require approval of the student’s faculty research advisor.


Micalena Sallavanti
Academic advisor

Undergraduate Contact

Andrea Falcone
Director of Undergraduate Affairs
Office: CAT 280
(215) 895-2227

Graduate Contact

Professor Richard Cairncross
MS Program Advisor