Financial Resources for Graduate Students

All of us at Drexel University are committed to positioning you for ultimate success. We know that you have valuable experience that will enrich our University, and we are dedicated to supporting you all the way through graduation. The financial resources on this page will guide you in understanding what is available to you throughout your time here and how you can get the most from your degree in the most cost-effective way.


During your time here at Drexel, you will utilize the DrexelOne student portal for all of your administrative needs. In particular, you can view your financial aid status, cost of attendance breakdown, and billing account status under the Billing+Financial Aid tab. There, you can also set up eRefunds and authorized users as well as make electronic payments. To get started, sign in with your Drexel user ID and password through the DrexelConnect portal to begin utilizing this service.

Drexel Central

Drexel Central is our one-stop for the offices of the Bursar, Financial Aid, and Registrar. Drexel Central aims to ease financial and registration concerns and questions that you may have as well as provide educational resources and tools that enable students and families to make informed decisions. Review more information about contacting Drexel Central or making an appointment to speak with a representative on our Contact webpage.

Financial Aid

We know that financial support is an important aspect of your Drexel experience. Whether or not you think you are eligible for certain financial aid, we encourage all students to apply for as much aid as possible, as you may qualify for aid that you are unaware of. Below are resources available to Drexel students to help guide them through this process.


  • Federal Unsubsidized Loan – The Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan is offered by the Department of Education. You must first complete a FAFSA to be eligible.
  • Graduate PLUS Loan – The Graduate Direct PLUS Loan is a federal credit-based loan with a fixed interest rate. You must complete a FAFSA and an additional loan application on the Federal Student Aid website.
  • Private Education Loans – Private education loans are available to students who are credit worthy and/or have an eligible cosigner.

Scholarships and Grants

  • Merit Scholarships – Review the many scholarship opportunities available for graduate students. Eligibility for these are often determined at the point of admission.
  • Grants – Learn more about these need-based awards that do not need to be repaid. Grants can come from Drexel, the state, and/or the federal government.
  • College-Specific Scholarships – There are numerous college- and school-specific scholarships available to graduate students. Check with your department to learn about the types of scholarships they may offer.


  • Overview of the Work-Study Program – Federal Work-Study is a program that allows you to earn money while working part-time at Drexel. Eligibility is based on financial need.
  • Work-Study Jobs Listing – View a listing of current Federal Work-Study jobs and earn money in a part-time position while enrolled in your program.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) – Learn more about how a FAFSA enables you to be considered for all types of government aid, such as grants, federal loans, and Federal Work-Study.
  • Financial Aid Terms & Conditions – You should be aware of and read the information regarding how aid eligibility is determined, the rules governing awards, and renewability requirements.
  • Accepting & Declining Aid – Any aid you are offered will be available on DrexelOne in the Billing+Financial Aid tab. There, you can accept and decline your financial aid.
  • Federal Verification – Get informed about the Federal Verification process from the Department of Education, which requires Drexel to review selected FAFSAs to ensure the accuracy of the information reported.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress – Understand the academic standards you must maintain in order to remain eligible for federal aid.
  • Financial Aid Forms – Find out more about the various financial aid forms you may need to utilize while attending Drexel.

Financing Options

Below are additional options to help you cover the cost of your graduate studies at Drexel.


  • RA/TA/GA Assistantships – Get acquainted with the many college/school financial assistance offerings for highly qualified students in the form of teaching, research, or graduate assistantships/fellowships.

Payment Plans

  • Installment Payment Plan – Learn more about our installment payment plan, which provides you the option to spread your bill for a term into separate payments.
  • Employer Reimbursement Payment Plan – Review Drexel University's Employer Reimbursement Plan if your employer offers reimbursement for tuition charges.

International Students

If you are a graduate international student, review financing options that are available to you.

Veteran's Education Benefits

At Drexel, we are proud of our commitment to providing world-class opportunities to all veterans and their dependents. That is why we have numerous opportunities, such as the Yellow Ribbon Program, that help our student-veterans with the cost of a Drexel education.

Billing Information

It's important to remember that Drexel bills students electronically and does not mail any bills in paper form. Monthly eBills can be viewed via DrexelOne. More information about Drexel's billing process can be found below.


  • Cost of Attendance – Learn more about the costs associated with attending a graduate program at Drexel.
  • Tuition Rates – Review the tuition rates for your program.
  • Doctoral Tuition Guidelines – If you are a PhD or doctoral-level student in receipt of an assistantship, fellowship, stipend, or wages funded by research grants or your academic department, you may be eligible for tuition support provided by the University.
  • Enrollment and Billing Policies – Acquaint yourself with Drexel's Enrollment and Billing policies, including late fees, financial holds, the Student Financial Obligation Statement, tuition and fee explanations, and guidelines.
  • Student Tuition Financial Obligation Statement – Required each term, the Student Financial Obligation and Tuition Repayment Agreement (SFO) is designed to make you aware of your rights and responsibilities related to your eBill.


  • Understanding the eBill – Find out more information about our electronic billing system, also known as the eBill, that allows you and anyone you have authorized to access your account summary and eBill statements online.


  • Billing Due Dates – It is important to be aware of the full schedule of billing due dates.
  • Making a Payment – Drexel Central offers several convenient methods to pay your student account.
  • Tuition Remission for Drexel Employees – Learn about remission for graduate students who work at Drexel University.
  • Third-Party/Sponsor Payments – Learn more about our third-party billing option available for sponsors who establish a relationship with Drexel University and agree to be billed directly.


  • Direct Deposit – Find out more about direct deposit, the preferred method for receiving your student refund offered through eRefund, which will deposit your refund into the checking or savings account of your choice.

Tax Information

  • 1098-T – Learn about this important government tax document, which you may need to use for federal tax credits.
  • Graduate Student Funding and Taxation Policy – Learn more about our Graduate Student Funding and Taxation policy and how it ensures proper tax withholding and reporting.

Billing and Financing Brochure for Independent Students

For an overview of the resources and information linked from this page, please download Billing and Financing for Independent Students [PDF].

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