Undergraduate Student Financing Resources

U.S Citizens and Permanent Residents

Beyond the financial aid award you've been offered, there are several different financing options available to full-time undergraduate students and their families:

  • Parent Direct PLUS Loan – The Parent Direct PLUS Loan is a federal credit-based loan with a fixed interest rate that the parent of a dependent undergraduate student can apply for.
  • Payment Plans – Drexel offers quarterly payment plans during each term to allow families to spread a balance due for a particular quarter into monthly installments.
  • Private Scholarships – Many scholarships and grants are offered by private sources, such as fraternal and religious organizations, labor unions, professional associations, social groups, and ethnic associations.
  • Private Education Loans – Private education loans are available to students who are credit worthy and/or have an eligible cosigner. Drexel strongly recommends considering all other financing options before utilizing private education loans.
  • Employer Reimbursement Plan (Part-Time and Online programs only) –  Drexel University's Employer Reimbursement Plan is designed for students whose employers offer reimbursement for tuition charges. It allows you to defer your tuition payments to Drexel until 30 days after the term has been completed. There are no late fee charges for the tuition-deferred period. There is a nonrefundable application fee for this service. The plan is available on a term-by-term basis.

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International Students

If you are an undergraduate international student, review the financing options available to you.

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