Third-Party (Sponsor) Billing

Drexel University offers a third party billing option. This is available for sponsors who establish a relationship with Drexel and agree to be billed directly. The student will provide a written confirmation from their sponsor detailing what charges they will cover, along with the contact information for who is to be invoiced. 

You can submit your third-party payment documentation to Drexel Central electronically via AskDrexel. For instructions about submitting documentation electronically, visit Drexel Central's Contact Us page.

Student Obligations

As per the Student Financial Obligation agreement, all charges are the responsibility of the student. If you are being sponsored and the sponsor fails to pay a portion, or all, of the balance, you will be responsible for the balance.

Please carefully read the terms and conditions instructed by your organization regarding third-party sponsorship. Students who submit a letter of credit/financial guarantee/purchase order are responsible to know the details of the document. The student must read and understand the following:

  • If the sponsor covers a flat amount, percentage, or total charges.
  • If the sponsor covers tuition only, or will also cover other charges (program fees, room/board, health insurance, etc.). It is the obligation of the student to pay any charges not covered by the sponsor by the original due date.
  • Conditional requirements, i.e., credit maximum, sponsor expiration, etc.
  • Any other terms noted on the document presented to the Drexel.
  • The sponsor and student are responsible to ensure that the authorization is received before the billing due date. Students will be responsible to pay any late fees that accrue while being covered by a sponsor.
  • Please note that students must monitor and view their monthly eBill to ensure that their sponsor voucher is applied to their account.

Third-Party Transfer

When students are sponsored by a third party, Drexel University must be in receipt of a financial guarantee or letter of credit from their sponsor. This works as a 'promise to pay' on the student's behalf. Because the charges posted to the account remain as an outstanding balance until we receive payment, we've developed a method towards the convenience of the student and sponsor. A payment memo appears on the student’s bill that reads "Third Party Transfer". If payment is not received by the end of the term, the "Third Party Transfer" will be expired and you will be billed for the unpaid sponsor portion.

Methods of Third-Party Payments

Drexel University accepts the following forms of payment from sponsors:

  • Web ACH Payments
  • Wire Transfers
  • Checks

Currently, Drexel does not accept credit card payments from sponsors.

Third-Party Overpayments and Refunds

Once invoiced, payment is expected from the third party for the amount invoiced. Sometimes, the charges will change from the amount invoiced (i.e. if a student drops a course, is awarded aid, etc.). If the third party sponsor pays more than the balance due for the student, we will issue the overpayment back to the originating sponsor. As an exception, if the sponsor provides written instructions on their official letterhead permitting the overpaid credit to be refunded to the student, we will issue the refund directly to the student.

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