Drexel CCI’s Curriculum & Academics

About Drexel’s CCI Academic Structure

Drexel’s College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) is a fast-paced, engaged learning hub and one of the top producers of tech talent in the Philadelphia region. The Drexel University academic structure is as follows:

  • Drexel's academic calendar runs on quarter system (four terms per academic year, instead of a semester system with two terms per academic year)
  • There are four quarters in each academic year that run for 10 weeks, with final exams administered during the 11th week
  • Breaks are interspersed between or during quarters
  • Master's students who complete classes full-time will finish their 45-credit program in five quarters — a duration of approximately one year and three months to complete the required 15 courses and maintain full-time student visa status

Co-operative Education

For more than 100 years, Drexel University has integrated professional work experience into degree completion through its renowned cooperative education program.

Undergraduate Co-op

Graduate Co-op

Students in select graduate programs who start in the fall may pursue graduate-level cooperative education (co-op). The full-time co-op plan-of-study for students slightly lengthened and modified by the duration and responsibilities of the co-op position. Graduate co-op students take additional coursework that teaches them how to access the Steinbright Career Development Center’s (SCDC) resources and advisors needed to seek co-ops, interview for them, and complete the co-op requirement as part of their master’s degree. If you have questions about graduate co-op, please speak to your recruitment representative or graduate advisor. Check out co-op eligible CCI graduate programs on Steinbright’s Graduate Co-op Programs webpage.

On average, a full graduate co-op can lengthen the time-to-degree completion by two quarters (six months), meaning a full degree plus co-op can take an estimated one year and nine months to complete. Note that the plan-of-study and degree completion times can vary depending on exact co-op position details, as companies can offer variations of start/stop times, salaries and responsibilities.

Computer Science & Informatics Faculty

CCI faculty teach courses, develop students along paths-of-study, design curriculum, provide professional guidance and advising in and out of the classroom, give feedback on co-ops and research opportunities, conduct research and more. CCI faculty are organized under department heads and program directors in the Computer Science and Information Science Departments. Faculty include teaching faculty, research faculty, tenure or non-tenure staff, on-campus instructors, online teachers or combinations of several of these descriptors.

Meet our faculty via our website directory.

The College’s Student Services & Academic Advising

CCI Student Services is a large, college-centered team comprising recruiters, academic advisors, schedulers, department heads and an assistant dean, all focused on supporting you — from initial questions about attending Drexel University to graduation and beyond. Enrolled students are contacted by the University and CCI Advising only via their official Drexel email address.

  • CCI's Recruitment team assists all applicants with pre-admissions advising, logistical support, information sessions, application processing and onboarding for students through week two of their first term.
  • CCI's Academic Advising team is here support you during your time at Drexel. Our undergraduate and graduate academic advisors provide direct developmental support to new and continuing students all throughout each term, from registration and orientation to graduation. Using various methods of advising and leading students, your advisor will support your needs, including class registration, academic advising and planning, degree completion, student policies like adding minors or changing majors, and referral support for issues like work-life balance and mental health.
  • Co-op advisors are housed in the Steinbright Career Development Center (SCDC), but are also an integrated part of CCI student services, working closely with CCI recruiting, advising and scheduling.
  • Dean's Ambassadors: are here to welcome you to the CCI community, help you start your graduate student career at CCI, share their first-hand knowledge about the CCI academic experience and student life, and are eager to support you through the years as a Philadelphia resident. View our Undergraduate Dean's Ambassadors or our Graduate Dean's Ambassadors.
  • Undergraduate Peer Mentors: assist first-year and continuing CCI undergraduate students with transitioning to life at Drexel.

Drexel CCI's Corporate Partners Program

The CCI Corporate Partners program is built on a core of innovation and collaboration. Together with industry collaborators, CCI is creating a large-scale, sustainable ecosystem for developing, recruiting and retaining top tech talent. CCI students have a unique opportunity to engage with our Corporate Partners at various hands-on technical workshops, co-op information sessions, in-person tours and exclusive career networking events. CCI Corporate Partners may interact with CCI students in classes as lecturers and mentors, and through co-op employment opportunities, research partnerships, and more. 

Learn more about our Corporate Partners Program

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