Graduate Student Opportunities

Become a Computer Science Teaching Assistant

If you are interested in helping as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for one of CCI's Computer Science courses, please click here to submit an application.

Please Note: By filling out the application form, you are committing to serve if chosen as a TA in the next quarter. If you cannot fulfill this obligation, please do not fill out the application form.

Become an Information Science Teaching Assistant

CCI's Information Science Department distinguishes between teaching assistants (TAs) and course assistants (CAs): doctoral students are hired as TAs while master’s students are hired as CAs. Doctoral students should contact their advisor for questions about TA designation. Learn more and apply on our Course Assistant webpage.

Graduate Co-op

Graduate Co-op enables graduate students to alternate class terms with a six-month period of hands-on experience, gaining access to employers in their chosen industries. Whether co-op takes students throughout the United States or abroad, they are expanding their professional networks, enhancing their résumés, and bringing that experience back to the classroom and their peers.

Graduate Minors

Graduate minors align with Drexel's collaborative and interdisciplinary spirit. This distinctive initiative offers the perfect opportunity to enrich your chosen field of study with supplemental knowledge and skills. A graduate minor is a set of interrelated graduate courses outside of a student’s major graduate program that provides additional professional expertise. The disciplinary area of the minor may be fully outside the major program or may be related to, but not completely overlapping, the major program. The completion of a minor is represented on the transcript along with a major program as a demonstration of additional professional expertise acquired. Entry into a minor is generally limited to those who have demonstrated the required prerequisite knowledge for the coursework.

Professional Organizations

Graduate students have the opportunity to participate in professional organizations such as the following. Many of these associations have local chapters.

Student Groups

View additional student groups and professional associations in our Student Experience section. Additional Drexel student organizations may also be found on Drexel's Graduate Student Association webpage.

Drexel Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is the governing body for all graduate student organizations and has an active board which is comprised of graduate students, elected yearly, from across the University. Through various Drexel committees, the GSA represents graduate students and advocates for their scholarly and professional development. All Drexel graduate students are encouraged to participate in GSA activities. 

In collaboration with the Graduate College and the Office of Student Life, the GSA and its daughter organizations host hundreds of events per year. These events meet the many interests of the graduate student population and bring together students, and even faculty and professional staff, from across disciplines and organizations. From research symposiums, academic panels, interdisciplinary workshops, and writing bootcamps to ski trips, soccer tournaments and happy hours, there is always something going on within the vibrant Drexel graduate community.

Drexel International Graduate Student Association

The International Graduate Student Association (IGSA) advocates for the interests and addresses the concerns of Drexel's international graduate students. As one of the most dynamic and active graduate student organizations, the IGSA augments graduate student life at Drexel for international students and collaborates across the University to offer support services.