Become a Course Assistant

The College of Computing & Informatics distinguishes between teaching assistants (TAs) and course assistants (CAs): doctoral students are hired as TAs while upperclassmen undergraduates and master’s students are hired as CAs. Doctoral students should contact their advisor for questions about TA designation.

Computer Science (CS) course assistants work with faculty in CI, CS, and SE courses. Information Science (IS) course assistants work with faculty in INFO, DSCI and CT courses. All applicants will be considered first for positions in their home department.

Availability of positions varies by term depending on the courses offered and course enrollments. 

Job responsibilities (may vary by class and instructor):

  • Grading
  • Holding office hours and providing learning support
  • Answering student questions outside office hours
  • Managing labs
  • Assisting with reviewing and developing course materials

Eligibility requirements:

  • high levels of academic achievement
  • demonstrated academic integrity
  • undergraduate: completed and received grades for three terms at Drexel
  • graduate students: completed and received grades for one term at Drexel
  • 2-3 CCI faculty references
  • pass academic conduct check

Once you are approved for the course assistant pool, you will be asked to provide availability to work in upcoming terms.

If you are interested in being a course assistant, please click here to submit an application (this application is for course assistants only).