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Graduate Student Association

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About the Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is both the governing body and planning board primarily for graduate students enrolled in face-to-face quarter programs, in addition to the recognized graduate student organizations registered with Campus Engagement within Student Life. The GSA also advocates for and serves all graduate students across the University, including online and semester programs, collaborating with the Graduate College and campus partners to enhance the graduate student experience.

The Executive Board Members of the GSA are nominated and elected by graduate students annually in the spring and serve from July 1 - June 30 (fiscal year). In collaboration with the Graduate College, Campus Engagement within Student Life, and various academic and student services units, the GSA and recognized graduate student organizations host hundreds of programs and events to meet the many interests of the graduate student population at Drexel and bring together students, postdocs, alumni, faculty and professional staff across academic disciplines and organizations. From research symposiums, academic panels, interdisciplinary workshops, and writing boot camps, to ski trips, white water rafting, intramural sports and happy hours, there is something for everyone in our vibrant Drexel graduate student community.

Executive Board Members of the GSA 2023-2024

For general inquiries, please contact the GSA E-Board at


  • Serve as a liaison between the graduate student community, Student Life, the Graduate College and University leadership. 
  • Outreach to the graduate student community to better understand their needs and advocate for them.
  • Integrate a medium of communications to encourage graduate students to express their concerns, opinions, and suggestions in an accessible way.
  • Increase engagement within the graduate student community and build connectedness through communications (newsletters, social media) and events (face-to-face and online), including personal, professional, academic, cultural, and social.
  • Collaborate with the IGSA, USGA, and other student organizations to enhance student life at Drexel.
  • Expand the GSA by getting more graduate students actively involved in committees/senate.
  • Create a culture of service and give back to the greater Philadelphia community.
  • Ensure justice, diversity, equity and inclusion in all GSA events, activities and business.
 Role Name, Program & Bio  Photo

Provides leadership and oversees the goals, operations and activities of the GSA and Executive Board (E-Board). Advocates for the needs of graduate students across campus. Acts as spokesperson for GSA at all meetings and events unless otherwise delegated, including Student Life Faculty Senate, Student Life Board of Trustees, Graduate College, Enrollment Management and Student Success, etc.

Cimi Patani

Master's Program in Electrical Engineering
College of Engineering

"Hey there, my fellow Dragons! Thanks to our fantastic events, I've always thought of the Graduate Student Association as a treasure chest full of new friends. We're all more than faces in a crowd, and I love discovering the unique, 'movie-worthy' stories each of you carries. You'll often find me embarking on spirited adventures down the rabbit holes of the vast Internet, discovering intriguing tidbits and exploring the expansive universe of knowledge. With my natural organizing skills and strategic mindset, a busy to-do list is my idea for a great day. I am thrilled to meet, listen, learn, and contribute to our amazing GSA community. By the way, have you ever wondered how dragons blow out candles!?"

Cimi Patel Headshot

Vice President of Operations
Maintains and tracks inventory owned and operated by the GSA, including the GSA office and supplies. Assists President in managing overall function of the E-Board. Prepares E-Board meeting agendas, noting action items. Assists with GSA communications. Ensures staffing coverage at events and roles and responsibilities of E-Board members.

Ash Karale

PhD Program in Physics
College of Arts and Sciences

As the Vice President of Operations, Ash blends his proficiency in astrophysics with a genuine passion for fostering a vibrant community. With a long-standing curiosity for the mysteries of outer space, he brings a unique perspective to the role. Goal-oriented and highly organized, he flourishes in challenging environments. A firm believer in the value of communication and collaboration, Ash seeks to enrich the graduate student community by fostering interdisciplinary connections and advocating for student needs. He is always open to new opportunities to learn and contribute.

Headshot of Ash Karale

Vice President of Academic Affairs
Oversee the planning and execution of academic events and opportunities, including Scholars Share, Drexel Emerging Graduate Scholars (DEGS) Conference, professional and career development, acts as the GSA rep for oversight and review of travel and health insurance deductible subsidy awards, and advocates for the graduate student body in review of academic policies and procedures in partnership with the Graduate College.

Lakshay Sethi

Master's Program in Business Analytics
LeBow College of Business

Lakshay brings a unique blend of expertise to the table with four years of hands-on experience in the financial service sector. Currently, he is pursuing a master’s degree in business analytics at LeBow College of Business, further enriching his skillset. Beyond the numbers, he finds joy in exploring new places, capturing memories through photography, and piloting drones to capture stunning aerial perspectives.

Lakshay Sethi Headshot

Vice President of Student Life
Oversees planning and execution of social, cultural, and inclusive community-building events and activities for graduate students across campus and online, including service projects. Responsible for submitting event form and all pertinent details in DragonLink. Works with other VPs on event budget, details, and communications and marketing events to all graduate students.

Prithvi Ravi

Master's Program in Materials Science and Engineering
College of Engineering

Prithvi is a Materials Science and Engineering student whose current research is on the development of Energy Storage Devices. When not in the lab, Prithvi enjoys singing, playing the Keyboard, Hanging out with friends, and cooking different dishes!

Prithvi Ravi Headshot

Vice President of Finance
Oversees all financial transactions, including the annual budget allocation process to fund all GSA and sponsored organizations, manages budgets and quotes submitted for purchases and events, point person for all sponsored org treasurers, manages the U-Store for student purchases (tickets, items, etc.)

Priyal Dharmendrabhai Desai

Master's Program in Business Analytics
LeBow College of Business

"Allow me to introduce myself as a dedicated MS in business analytics student with a deep passion for both academic pursuits and the wonders of the natural world. Beyond the confines of my studies, I find solace and joy in immersing myself in the great outdoors, whether it’s through exhilarating hikes or invigorating cycling adventures. I relish the opportunity to explore new cultures and places, absorbing the richness of each unique experience.

In addition to my academic journey, I am immensely proud to be a member of the GSA community. It’s not merely a privilege, but an honor to be a part of a diverse and dynamic group of individuals. I am eager to share my own insights and contribute to the collective growth of this remarkable network."

Priyal Desai Headshot

Vice President of Communications
Responsible for all GSA communications, including listserv emails, newsletters, marketing events and opportunities for graduate students across campus and online, oversees GSA social media accounts. Designs graphics for emails, social media, flyers, branding for merchandising.

Neal Cardoza

PhD Program in Chemical Engineering
College of Engineering

Cardoza is a chemical engineering graduate student researching batteries. With a multicultural and international upbringing and work experiences, he possesses a unique global perspective. His research focuses on advancing battery technologies to meet sustainable energy demands. Outside of the lab, Neal finds joy in playing the guitar, honing his espresso and latte art skills, and baking whimsical pastries. His diverse interests reflect his passion for creativity and continuous learning.

Neal Cardoza Headshot

Vice President of Student Governance
Leads the recognition and re-recognition process for sub-orgs. Services as point of contact for sub-org student leaders in regards to the recognition process, DragonLink, space improvement grant, The Good Ideas Fund (TGIF), etc.


Academic Chair
Works closely with the VP for Academic Affairs in planning and execution of academic programs and events. Serves as Chair of the GSA Academic Affairs Committee (AAC), planning meetings, agendas, managing oversight of committee subcommittees, chairs, membership, and activities (Teams site), and liaises between the AAC, E-Board, Graduate College, and Student Life.

Vedant Chhibber

Master's Program in Business Analytics
LeBow College of Business

Vedant is a dynamic and dedicated master's student in business analytics with a passion for academic excellence and community engagement. As the Academic Chair of the GSA, Vedant plays a pivotal role in shaping the experience of our diverse graduate student body. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to fostering an environment conducive to learning, Vedant leads initiatives aimed at enhancing the journey of fellow students. Outside of his role as Academic Chair, Vedant loves to spend time with nature and likes to cook food.

Vedant Chhibber Headshot

Social Events Chair
Works closely with the VP for Student Life to contact vendors, get quotes, plan events, event form process, etc. Attends all meetings related to event planning. Helps advertise social events and programs in collaboration with the VP for Communications.


Student Governance Finance Chair
Works in tandem with the VP for Student Governance to approve applications for space improvement grant, TGIF, set up U-Store links for sub-orgs, etc.


General Chair


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