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Certificate in Computer Science Available

Don’t have a background in computer science? Our Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Computer Science can serve as an introduction and entry point to the MS in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Cybersecurity programs.

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Drexel’s 45-credit Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) program offers a multidisciplinary and in-depth understanding of the core and advanced topics in the rapidly growing and exciting field of computer science, while placing equal emphasis on theory and practice to prepare students for top professional positions. MS in Computer Science graduates become practicing computational scientists, computer specialists or software engineers in business, industry or government.

Master's in Computer Science Program Features

  • Provides an in-depth advanced material, and a range of courses in the research areas of the faculty, including: applied algorithms and data structures, artificial intelligence and intelligent systems, high-performance computing, and networking and security, among others
  • Prepares students to perform cutting edge research and become practicing computer scientists or software engineers in business, industry or government
  • Students have the option to pursue a dual degree program combining the MSCS with any other CCI graduate degree program
  • A thesis option is available to prepare students for doctoral studies (see Drexel's PhD in Computer Science) or other research-oriented career paths


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    MS in Computer Science Graduate Co-op Program

    Cooperative education at Drexel is now available for the MS in Computer Science program. Graduate Co-op enables graduate students to alternate class terms with a six-month period of hands-on experience, gaining access to employers in their chosen industries.

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    MS in Computer Science Course Requirements & Descriptions

    Please visit Drexel's Graduate Catalog for course requirements and to view a sample plan of studycourse descriptions, and the list of approved electives for this program (to see course descriptions, please click on the course number under "Degree Requirements"). To find out when courses are offered, please visit Drexel's Term Master Schedule.

    Sample Courses:

    • CS 611 Game Artificial Intelligence: This course focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) techniques for computer games. Students will learn both basic and advanced AI techniques that are used in a variety of game genres including first-person shooters, driving games, strategy games, platformers, etc. The course will emphasize the difference between traditional AI and game AI, the latter having a strong design component, focusing on creating games that are “fun to play.” Specifically, the topics we will cover in class are basic AI techniques, algorithms, and data structures used for character movement, pathfinding, decision-making, strategy and machine learning in games.
    • SE 575 Software Design: This course provides fundamental knowledge of software design and management. Topics include software design principles, abstraction and modularization, hierarchical structures and software families, design modeling and analysis, pattern-oriented design, and technical debts. The course strikes a balance between teaching principles of software design and analysis, and providing a basis for understanding cutting-edge techniques and concepts, using open source projects as case studies.
    • CS 536 Computer Graphics: An introduction to the basic concepts of computer graphics, with a special emphasis on the mathematical representations of 3D objects (lines, curves, surfaces and solids), as well as the algorithms used to evaluate these objects. Topics such as drawing, clipping, color, viewing, rendering and animation will also be covered.

    Computer Science Certificate and Minor Options

    For those without a computer science background, the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Computer Science provides an efficient and systematic education on the basics of computer science without any prerequisite knowledge. The certificate program may also serve as an on-ramp to a MS in Computer Science or MS in Software Engineering program, if completed with predetermined grade requirements.

    For current graduate students who are interested in gaining fundamental computer science knowledge to complement their master's degree, the College offers a Graduate Minor in Computer Science.

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