Drexel CCI Student Profile: Edmond Mbadu, MS Computer Science

Edmond MbaduCCI: What are your favorite aspects of the master’s in computer science program?

Edmond Mbadu: "During my first quarter, after working for a year as a software engineer for a fintech company, I saw much of what I did at the job in a class (SE-575 - Software Design) along with different ways to elevate what I was already doing. More specifically, I learned how to write better software. It was quite refreshing to see. From that moment, I knew that it was going to be an exciting journey."

CCI: Did you have any prior experience in your field prior to enrolling at Drexel CCI? 

EM: "I had prior experience as well as my bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. This allowed me to jump straight into the meat of the material without any major complications."

CCI: Why did you choose Drexel to pursue your master’s degree? 

EM: "I chose Drexel University mainly because of its strong reputation, particularly in engineering and computer science. I am also thinking about pursuing a PhD, and given the research record of professors at Drexel, I know the transition [from master’s to doctoral programs] will be smooth."

CCI: What is the most important takeaway from your time at Drexel?

EM: "The classes at Drexel CCI are very dense. This is partly caused by the quarter system format as well as the nature and content of the different courses. As a result, there is no time to waste; every second counts, especially when the class is difficult. I sometime joke with friends, saying: 'if you can handle the quarter system, you can handle anything.' This statement is only a mild exaggeration."

CCI: Any words of advice to people considering the MS in Computer Science program?

EM: "If you want to gain in-depth knowledge in computer science, Drexel CCI will be a great place for you."

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