Graduate Minors

Graduate Minor in Computer Science

  • Allows Drexel students from all backgrounds to obtain fundamental computer science knowledge as well as an introduction to advanced topics in computer science that will be suitable for their own graduate studies.
  • Designed to provide the basic knowledge necessary not only for success in higher-level graduate computer science courses, but also for using, understanding, and building software systems in any discipline. It does not provide training in field-specific software tools or algorithms, but in the principles underlying all computation.
  • The program is offered to current Drexel graduate students outside of the Computer Science Department.
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Graduate Minor in Human-Computer Interaction & User Experience (UX)

  • Educates Drexel graduate students on foundational human-computer interaction (HCI) principles and applied user experience (UX) techniques.
  • Emphasizes a range of techniques for the design and evaluation of technologies that support and complement human needs and abilities in a broad range of contexts such as work, wellness, home, entertainment and artistic expression.
  • Ideal for Drexel graduate students (master’s or doctoral level) from all backgrounds who wish to expand their understanding of human-centered design and/or apply design skills in their major area of study.
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