Recommended Computers for Drexel CCI Majors

Students must have access to a computer that meets or exceeds the minimum configuration listed below.  The recommended configuration should be strongly considered for new purchases.

Windows Computer Requirements

  • Windows minimum requirements: Any Windows computer capable of supporting Windows 10. See Windows 10 system requirements - Microsoft Support. Every Windows computer sold in the last 10 years is 64-bit and has a compatible GPU or graphics card. SSD required (SATA or NVMe).
  • Windows recommended requirements: 16 GB of RAM & your computer should meet the system requirements for Microsoft's Windows 11. See Windows 11 Specs and System Requirements | Microsoft. See PC Health Check app if Windows 11 is not yet installed to see if your system can handle Windows 11. NVMe SSD recommended.
  • All NEW Drexel CCI students using a Win PC & starting at Drexel in Fall 2023 and after: You MUST have a Windows 11 compatible computer.
  • ALL CURRENT Drexel CCI students with a Win PC & who started Drexel before Fall 2023: You MUST have a Windows 11 compatible computer BEFORE the Fall 2025 quarter starts, due to Windows 10 End of Life.

Mac Computer Requirements

Linux & Alternative OSes

  • Linux and alternative OSes are respected but not officially supported by CCI IT. Users of alternative OSes should be prepared to be their own tech support and should have a supported operating system available in case of incompatibility with Drexel software and systems.


We recommend that all students continually backup their data to minimize the risk of data loss. An external drive or a cloud-based backup solution is highly recommended. All Drexel students, staff, and faculty have 5 TB of OneDrive online cloud storage that can be used to back up the Desktop, Documents, Photos, and OneDrive folders on both your Mac and Windows computer.