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WorkReady Internship Program

July 8 – August 16, 2024

WorkReady Summer Internship Program

The WorkReady program runs for six weeks during July and August. Through this annual civic engagement initiative, Drexel Faculty and Professional Staff provide work experiences to local high school youth.

What is WorkReady?

The Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) provides summer youth opportunities through its WorkReady internship program. 

Each summer, Drexel hosts a cohort of WorkReady high school interns on its Philadelphia campuses for paid working experiences. Interns have the opportunity to work in a variety of academic and administrative departments, obtaining real-world work experience and exposure to the collegiate setting.

Drexel University faculty and professional staff may hire interns to work in their department for the duration of the WorkReady summer program. Be sure to review the Frequently Asked Questions. (Note: As of 2024, PYN is no longer administering Philadelphia’s general Summer Youth Employment Program.) 

Why participate in WorkReady?

WorkReady, an annual university-wide civic engagement initiative, is an extraordinary opportunity to participate in building the confidence of youth, promoting economic self-sufficiency, stimulating learning, and strengthening our community and our university as a whole.

What are the program details?

High school students are eligible to participate in the six-week program, which runs from July 8 to August 16, 2024. Interns will work at Drexel 20 hours a week, Mondays through Thursdays, and attend Professional Development Seminars off-campus each Friday. Departments will have the opportunity to interview potential candidates on campus.

What will it cost my department to have an intern?

To support the commitment to civic engagement, the University will fully fund intern positions on Drexel's campuses, allowing Drexel faculty and professional staff to mentor and support interns at no cost to their departments. This is made possible by the generous support of the Office of University and Community Partnerships and the Office of the Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer. Our goal is to hire at least 40 young people across the University.

I'd like to work with a student but need some additional support. What do you offer?

Philadelphia Youth Network will provide training sessions for managers on Drexel’s campus. The same training will also be made available online. PYN provides a worksite toolkit that holds endless resources on activities for interns, goal setting guidelines and suggestions for providing feedback, just to name a few.

Additionally, Drexel Human Resources is available to answer questions regarding managing interns and to assist managers and interns throughout the program.

Working with Minors

Drexel Faculty and Professional Staff Members who supervise a WorkReady intern under the age of 18 are subject to complete the Act 153 Working with Minors Background checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a WorkReady supervisor, will I need to complete a background check?

Yes, the immediate supervisor of any WorkReady intern under the age of 18 is subject to the Background Checks for contact with minors.

Additionally, it is advised that others in your department who will supervise the work of your WorkReady intern on a regular basis also complete the background check process.

This is in accordance to the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law to ensure the safety of minors. 

More information regarding PEBC information and requirements can be found on the Pennsylvania Enhanced Background Certification page.

I am a high school student; how can I participate in this program?

The WorkReady program is managed by the Philadelphia Youth Network and interested high school students must complete their application process to be considered. The WorkReady application can be found at

Please note that the focus of the Drexel WorkReady program is on providing youth employment to high school students that reside in our surrounding West Philadelphia community, but if you do not live in this area you may still apply. Positions in Drexel’s WorkReady program are not guaranteed but eligible students may have the opportunity to participate in the interview process. To be considered, students must be rising high school sophomores through graduating seniors.

How will I select my WorkReady Intern?

Departments will have the opportunity to interview intern candidates prior to making a selection decision. Interview locations will be determined by Human Resources. The final Drexel WorkReady registration deadline is June 14, 2024.

Please be sure to complete the WorkReady registration form in its entirety, including the job description section. This will assist HR and the Philadelphia Youth Network with matching you with interns interested in the work you have available.

How many hours can a WorkReady intern work?

Interns can work a maximum of 18 hours per week with a Drexel department. Interns will also earn two additional hours each Friday by participating in professional development sessions hosted by the Philadelphia Youth Network.

Do the interns have an orientation?

Yes, orientation through the Philadelphia Youth Network will be held prior to the start of the internship program. Orientation at Drexel will be held on the interns' first workday as they are introduced to Drexel's campus and history. Participation in orientation will count as paid working time.

How do I approve my intern’s time?

A new and improved process has been implemented giving supervisors direct access to approve their interns’ timesheets. More information will be provided during an upcoming training session.

WorkReady interns are paid by the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) on a biweekly Friday payroll cycle. PYN will provide the students with timesheets as well as an overview of PYN’s payroll calendar.

Please note: Drexel Human Resources will collect the biweekly timesheets and submit to PYN for payroll processing. Supervisor(s) are expected to document and sign off on any hours worked by interns.

I have selected an intern. Is there any HR paperwork required?

Drexel Human Resources would need the following forms once you commit to hiring an intern:

  • Non-Employee Associate (NEA) Form
  • Intern Confidentiality Agreement
    • Please have intern(s) and Parent/Legal Guardian (if intern is under 18) sign and date forms.
    • Human Resources will provide this form to supervisors.

Will intern(s) receive a Dragon Card?

Yes, once a department commits to hiring a WorkReady intern, the department would need to submit a Non-Employee Associate (NEA) form to Human Resources to activate the intern into the systems for DragonCard access.

Please note: With a valid DragonCard, interns can ride the Dragon Shuttle buses on campus.

Will I have to assess my intern?

Philadelphia Youth Network will send an electronic pre and post assessment. This brief survey is important in tracking your intern’s professional development.

I don’t have the required safety signage in my office – what do I do?

Although the forms are posted in HR, they also need to be visible in the office/building where the intern is located. You can view and print all required postings through the WorkReady Worksite Toolkit.

What if I encounter any issues with my intern?

Please join us for one of our roundtable events with Philadelphia Youth Network (times and locations TBD) to get answers to your internship questions, talk through intern management tools, and find support through other departments and intern hosts at Drexel University.

Departments hosting a WorkReady intern should contact Porsche Murray at or Miya Fredericks at / 215.895.2850 if any issues arise during the program. Human Resources is available to coach supervisors through conversations regarding punctuality, expected behaviors, performance, etc., as needed.

This is my first intern – do you have any resources for me?

Please join us for one of our roundtable events with Philadelphia Youth Network (time and location TBD; second date TBD) to get answers to your internship questions, talk through intern management tools, and find support through other departments and intern hosts at Drexel University.

Additionally, PYN’s worksite toolkit is a valuable tool for any intern manager, whether it’s their 1st or 50th student.

I am an external organization looking to hire interns; may I participate?

The WorkReady Internship Program at Drexel University is offered only to internal Drexel colleges, schools and departments. If you are an external organization looking to hire Drexel students for internship or job opportunities, please contact the Steinbright Career Development Center at 215.895.2185 or

Additionally, if your organization is interested in participating in the Philadelphia Youth Network's summer WorkReady program by hiring high school students, please contact Michele Miles, Director of Programs, at

I am a high school student looking for additional internship opportunities at Drexel (outside of the WorkReady Program); are there any other opportunities available?

Below are a few Drexel schools and colleges that offer summer programs and opportunities for non-Drexel students.

Are interns required to be vaccinated?

Interns who will be working in person on any of our campuses are no longer required to either show proof of vaccination or receive a University-approved medical or religious exemption.